Sunday, November 05, 2006

we went to seattle yesterday to take our houseguest, a long-time friend of my husband's, to his friend's to see the sights. we went back home through the city and saw some of those guys with the "store closing" signs and they were for tower records! so we decided to go check it out and see if they had any good bargains. we ended up passing another cd place that buys/sells/trades cd's and dvd's, so we stopped in. i ended up finding one of my favorite movies, "eight-legged freaks"! i also found a lenny kravitz cd that has all songs that are on none of the other lenny cd's that i already have. then we went to the gargoyle store. this is such a cool store! it is all dark inside, and it has great stuff. then we found a teriyaki/sushi place that was really good. we were in the university district, and they have all kinds of great places to eat.

there are some interesting places in that area, one was a place i took a silversmithing workshop, danaca design. there is also a bead shop and some interesting clothing stores, but i never go shopping for clothes when the hubby is along! but then, it was raining pretty good, so we made our way back home, and i spent the rest of the afternoon working on some of the microscope slide pendants. they are coming out o.k., but i think i will do a couple of test solderings before i work on the finished has been a while since i last did any soldering! but i still have the beadwork to figure out. that always takes forever! i just have too many choices with all the beads i have now. and then, i still go out and buy more.


Anonymous said...

I love love love those kinds of sales! What kinda beads did the bead store have?

- Eric Emin

cinderelly said...

i know! that bead store has all different kinds of beads! there is an ENORMOUS bead place south of us, but it is about a two hour drive. i get kinda overwhelmed anyway, when there are TOO many choices!