Wednesday, November 15, 2006

yesterday we had a break in the dreary drizzle, and i finally got out and took down the remainder of the halloween display. now the front of the house looks so boring! i came into the back yard, and took a couple shots of the remnants of the herb garden. this is my pretty lady statue in the middle of the herbs. i brought in a couple of ENORMOUS fallen leaves, i thought i would press them in a phone book...for what i have no idea! but they were too big! so i just set them on the coffee table for the moment, and a bit later my daughter, angie, my husband and i were at the table eating and we heard a little noise...b.b. kitty was eating the leaves! i rescued one, but the other was kitty chow!
well, today i have to alter a dress, deliver the dress, pick up another dress to be beaded... ugh, i feel so warm and cozy in my kitchen, don't wanna go into the chilly work room, and then drive in the rain to seattle! maybe if i can get it all done quickly, i can try making bread in my bread machine. then the house will smell all yummy...oh yeah, and we can eat the bread too!

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