Friday, December 01, 2006

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! finally, yesterday i was able to get out of my driveway. the snow finally turned to rain and melted the streets to make most places easier to drive around on. and hopefully our wild november weather is nothing but a memory! we had record breaking rainfall, and more snow than normal, earlier than usual! but while we were home-bound, me and my daughter had a terrible craving for pan dulce and chocolate...mexican sweet bread and mexican hot chocolate! but we couldn't get to the mexican store to get it! so close but so far away...we even considered walking, but the walk back up the hill was enough to make us think, maybe no! so, i went out and got this on the way home!

it was very yummy with a cup of chocolate! i also went to country village and took some hip scarves i sewed for my friend dena, for her shop ottoman trading company. she liked the way they came out, so she gave me these beautiful turkish textiles to make some more! so, i will be busy for a little while, sewing up hip scarves for belly dancing!

i also went to a thrift store on the way home...couldn't resist after being stuck inside for so long! apparently many others felt the same, 'cause the little tiny store i go to near country village was fairly packed! i found a very nice cookbook, 'the vegetarian hearth' by darra goldstein. while i am not vegetarian, i have one of her other cookbooks, 'the georgian feast', foods from the republic of georgia in eastern europe. this one has some of the same recipes in it, lots of beet recipes, (i love beets!) and the yummy georgian cheese bread, khachapuri. while i was working for the designer a couple years back, her mother in law came from georgia to stay with them. the house always smelled wonderful, and she cooked this bread for us for lunch one day. it was so delicious, so i found the book, (the only georgian cookbook i could find in print at the time!) and made some of the things in it. i also made the khachapuri, and me and my lactose-intolerant daughter ate the whole thing! she said the suffering after was worth it!

today i also have to pick up a dress from the shop in seattle for work for weeks, and now plenty to do! i was not that crazy about the idea of driving to seattle yesterday, especially after i went to bothell and there was still a bit of slushy snow in places. my little mustang does not do well in icy, slushy roads! should be fine today though, i think. it has rained enough to clear things up quite well.


ButtercupElffly said...

Hi Cindy, What lovely fabric... Very nice.. Those goodies look SOoo good.. I made cookies while we were snowed in... I would of had quite a walk to get some goodies, so I scraped that idea !!!


amanda button said...

Mmmmm those goodies look amazing! And what a fantastic fabric stash!

i hope traveling to Seattle went well and you are safe and cozy, sewing and happy! :)