Sunday, January 14, 2007

finally! we escaped! after four days stuck in the house, my daughter and i had watched way too much t.v. (yes, there really IS such a thing!) and so we decided to try to get the car out of the driveway. we needed to take back a movie to blockbusters, and we both really wanted pizza. so we went out, and the car actually got out of the driveway fairly easily, i was expecting to slide back down just a little, but we didn't, and then we were off! we ordered the pizza, and went to take the movie back while the pizza was being prepared. there is our tiendita across the street from the pizza place, so we went and got some pan dulce (mexican sweet bread). they had the calendars that are giveaways in the new year, and these cool mexican games there, too! so we had our pizza and got some beer to go with, 'cause what is pizza without beer? o.k., it's still pretty good, but we wanted alcohol! it was pretty out, the sun was shining on the snow, and it was just nice to be OUT!!! it was actually harder getting the car back into the driveway, but we did it, and this was the best pizza and beer i have had in quite a long time!

oh yes! the movie we took back...'SNAKES ON A PLANE!" if you are going to watch a bad movie, watch this one. it has samuel l. jackson, and it was ENTERTAINING! i think there are two kinds of bad movies...movies that are bad, and when you finish watching them, you are angry you wasted this two hours of your life, and will never get it back. (example...'basic instinct 2") and then, there are movies that are not going to ever win awards or critical acclaim, but you laugh a few times, and/or are scared (i like that!) or you just have fun watching...but they are bad! (example, or so i'm told, is bad...armageddon!) 'SNAKES ON A PLANE!' was pretty goofy, but i didn't hate it, and i thought it was fun. (disclaimer: i have been told i have questionable taste in movies, so i take no responsibility for movies you watch on my recommendation!) ha, ha, ha!!!


amanda button said...

oh, i TOTALLY love "bad movies"...especially bad horror movies....i have pretty questionable tastes, too, tho'! Mmmmm, pizza beer and and bad movies sounds awesome!

cinderelly said...

aren't bad horror movies the best!?!