Wednesday, January 31, 2007

here we are at the beginning of the project...four blue silk dupioni bridesmaids dresses. and these are only the four that i am sewing! there are twelve of them in all! i have been sewing for quite a few years and i still am very surprised when a pile of materials starts out like this, and ends up as something. what was even more amazing, was when i sewed for a company that made hang gliders! we sewed those things together, and then, they FLEW!!!! getting sidetracked again...i do that!

this is where i stopped at the end of the second day...the bustier tops with their tons of boning were all put together, and then the skirts were attached. today i finished up with attaching the linings, and then doing the gathering at the hems that gives it that 'boufant' look.

then the zippers go in...learning to apply invisible zippers was one of the best things i have learned in dressmaking. they are so easy to put in, and when attached to the lining, they give the dress a very finished and couture look. and they look very nice from the outside, a clean line like just another seam.

the best thing of all, is when the zippers go in, the job is almost done! a little bit of pressing, hook and eyes sewn on, and...

all finished!
off and delivered, to madina vadache, and then to their soon-to-be-owners, to hopefully make someone's wedding day beautiful.


amanda button said...

(applause) WOW! You are AMAZING!!!
So often, bridesmaid dresses are horrendous...but these are *so* pretty! The fabric is to die for and they just completely lovely!!! Amazing! :)You are a wonder and a marvel.

Hang gliders!!! You were a flight Enabler, what a great job!

tlc illustration said...

Congrats on YOUR busy week! The dresses turned out beautifully.

ButtercupElffly said...

Just beautiful Cindy.. Wonderful work.. I agree about the zippers they are a god sent!! I learned on the standard zipper and they use those in shoe repair still> :-( We did leather clothing alterations as well as other clothing and belts and such.


Gypsy Purple said...

Thanks for your visit..fellow bracelet wearer...hope to see you there again


mohairpink said...

Wow! This is stunning and so NON-tacky bridesmaidish. I love the dupioni silk and the color is outstanding.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. By the way, if you like Frida, you can have a laugh at the mistake I made (and stay tuned for more Frida this week) at

cinderelly said...

thanks for the nice comments everyone! i too, like this silk material. and it is great to sew with! but you would be surprised at how many customers do not like this material for some reason. i think it is very elegant!