Thursday, January 11, 2007

insomnia...i get it quite a lot. i could not sleep last night, and so i got up to make a pot of tea with chamomile and flor de tila (linden flower), which is supposed to help you sleep. it usually helps, so while i was sitting and drinking tea, wrapped up in blankets and kitties, i put the christmas lights on to not have any bright lights on at 3 am! it looked so very beautiful, so i snapped a shot of it. it also made me a little sad to think that i would be taking it down and putting it away. so, this was my project for the day, wrapping away our christmas mementos for another year.


Kimberly Sherrod said...

It's part of the perimenopause..I don't know how old you are but...I started getting insomnia when my periods stopped 3 years ago...I'm 45. I drink sleepy time tea and when I walk sadie it really helps to make me tired..some nights it's agony to lay there and "try" so hard to sleep...Good luck with it!
You can be a cyber Ya Ya with us! are we are on Flickr a lot too! hang out with us all you want! sistah! got any eyeshadow?

cinderelly said...

i am 46, but i have had it for quite a long time, but yes, i have heard that it is just one of those 'fun' things we get to look forward to as we mature! yay, i can be a cyber ya ya! and DO i have eyeshadow! maybe all the colors of the rainbow! if there is one i don't have, my daughters do!