Thursday, January 11, 2007

more snow! i had to take a little walk this morning to take some photos, the snow is just so beautiful in the sunshine. not so, if you are trying to get home in it after a day at work. i was just glad when everyone was finally home last night. it made the evening commute a nightmare again for our area.
here is a little farm that is around the corner from our house...they are tearing it down to make more houses, and this is the last structure to go. maybe the snow gave it a day or two reprieve from the wrecking crew. i'll miss it... there used to be sheep grazing in the pasture there, and there were a whole bunch of chickens that had run of the property. they had a few tiny goats in the yard up nearer the house, and they would come up to the fence and eat grass from your hand. we used to take walks, my friend and her children and i, and we always made a stop here to look at the animals before going on up to our own houses. bye bye, little farm!


Eric Emin said...

How unfortunate that farm has to go... really adds a rural touch to your area. I'd love living near a place like that!

cinderelly said...

i know...all that is left now is a pile of debris in the snow. we still have a couple of horse pastures with horses, bet this is one we passed every day. they are going to put a housing development there. more traffic!