Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a new year starting, and getting back to the old business again...well, maybe. first i think i will show some 'unblogged' things i did during the holidays.
this is a dress i altered before christmas, but never posted a photo. it was just too beautiful to let it go without posting it! it is a dress designed by manuel mota, and it was just here because the zipper needed replacement. it is still at voletta couture waiting for a bride to fall in love with it.

then, for my stepdad who is a fabulous b.b.q. cook, i found this terrific apron fabric, and made it up for him...the thing is, his birthday is the same day as the king's! so i gave him this with some of tom douglas' 'rub with love' spice rubs. he really liked it. it came with a recipe for 'burning love... barbeque sauce' printed on the fabric too, so i serged around the edges of it, and stuck it in the pocket of the apron!

then, i gave this tribal style skirt for bellydance costume a try, but it takes a VERY long time to make, so i'm not sure if i will continue trying to sew these. one of the things i want to do this year is get an etsy shop, so it may go into there when i do that, along with some of the harem pants i made earlier in the year. the skirt ended up with something like 20 yards around the hem! that's a lot of fabric!

so now, everyone is back to a normal work schedule after the holidays, and i have the house back to myself again.
today i am trying to tidy the holiday debris, and we have houseguests coming in tomorrow! they will be staying in the place where i sew, so that means work will have to wait another day or two! i have to move things around to allow the sofabed to actually open up!
and now the lights keep flickering, and i know that parts of our neighborhood have lost power again, so i think i will get something done around the house, in case we lose ours again too!


Bendtherulz said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Cindrelly !

Thats one beuatiful dress....!!

cinderelly said...

thank you! and to you as well, a very happy new year! yes, i am lucky to get to work on these beauties!