Monday, January 08, 2007

this dress is back in the workroom to be taken in. i did the beadwork a while back, and now it needs alteration done.

as a seamstress in the fashion industry, i have seen how tiny some of the women who model these clothes are, and as a mom of two beautiful girls who have had some experience in the modeling industry, i have a site i am going to post here. thanks, fracas, for this. i visited this site, and signed in on this petition. maybe you can visit, and decide if you would maybe like to do the same. i remember one time sewing on some samples, and hearing comments on a dress. the comment was "look how huge this is! is it for a cow?" it was a size 10 dress...i can barely squeeze into a 10 on a good day! cow? please! anyway, take a look...maybe it can can't hurt.


Amanda Button said...

oooh, don't even get me started about it. I LOVE fashion....i think design is fascinating...HOWEVER, i think that fashion is doing women a HUGE disservice by promoting this "ideal image" of thinness to the point of emaciation. I am horrified by how bony models look.....and size 10 "cow sized"????? Oh my GOD! It makes me so angry.

ANYWAY,enough snarling.... the beadwork on this gown is stunning!

cinderelly said...

thank you! it only took me a mere 6 HOURS! hee, hee! i know what you mean...the modeling industry makes normal women feel wrong. even my daughter, who is posted other places in this blog, (you can see she by NO means needs to lose weight) has been told by agencies to watch her weight, or even to lose a few pounds, and yes, it made me very angry