Wednesday, January 24, 2007

you know when you go to the movies, and at a particularly scary scene, or when something jumps out, there is THAT girl that screams...that would be me! hey, no throwing of the popcorn please! it is totally involutary! LOL! anyway, last night we watched this movie, 'the descent'...not only did i watch it once, when my hub came home, he was intrigued enough by the extras we were watching to want to see it too, so i watched it AGAIN! now, it is not a great movie at all, but holy jeez, it is scary! (did i mention i have a thing that i hate closed in stuff...they go through some really tight spaces) who crawls through holes like that without knowing where they come out...who crawls through holes like that, period! i jumped at all the scary parts the second time too! and i had this one gave me nightmares. duh, the scary movie twice, and then go to sleep! silly, silly girl!

but the movie i am waiting, counting the days to when it comes out, have the blazing cycle on my computer screen as we speak (so to to type? never mind!) you guessed it! (did 'blazing cycle' give it away?) GHOSTRIDER! eva mendez and nicolas cage, sam elliott and peter fonda! easy rider meets ghostrider! how cool is that...i just love those comic book movies! i would drag hubby there on the very first day it opens and make him stand in line with me, but i already used up that move on 'x-men III', and he said he won't ever do that again! (hey, maybe he would...i wonder how much he likes eva?!)

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