Tuesday, February 27, 2007

after my recent computer problems, i had so many things that i wanted to blog! where to start! so since i have to get going off to seattle for a 'command appearance' to fit a customer, i thought i would post about what is on the alterations rack. also, mishmash wanted to see that!

this dress, a madina vadache from a couple of years ago, just needed to have a little 'freshening' done. sometimes, when the dresses hang in the store for a while, after many people try them on, they get a few sequins loose, and the zipper seems to always need repairs, and there are tiny rips that need mending. anyway, that was what this one was in for. it originally had a pale blue ribbon at the empire waist...i will have to remember to ask what happened to that. maybe the customer just did not want a blue ribbon! it would look pretty with a pink one, or even just white...but it needs SOMETHING there! if you click on the photo, you can see the sweet little daisy sequin embellishment on the fabric.

this dress is a vintage dress that the customer brought in. i thought it was a family heirloom at first, and was kind of nervous about ripping into it. how upset would someone be if i destroyed great-grandmama's wedding dress!?! but it was something that the bride's mother found in a second hand store years ago. it is from the 60's, the sides of the dress are straight up and down. she wants it to be a bit more fitted, going in at the waist, and it needs to be taken out a bit at the hips. there is lace emellishment on the sides so that will have to be removed first...very time consuming! also, she wants the sleeves to be

shortened as they are on the left side. there is also a great veil that came with it, and there is still some question as to what we are going to do with it. i think it looks fabulous as a veil! it is a very long one, with the matching lace embellishing the edges. if we were to make one like this, it would be quite expensive!

they said she might want to have it cut up, and added to the dress somehow, maybe as a train. we shall see how that goes. i am thinking this one will be here for a while! and the possibilities for scary are all there! o.k, that's all for now...i'm off to get ready to go to my appointment at the shop. the good thing is, it is a beautiful day to drive around the lake to seattle!


Mishmash ! said...

Cinderelly, so sweet of you to make this post so soon ! I loved the first one...especially the intricate pattern...I wish I could try it ;)


cinderelly said...

it is such a pretty 'girlie' dress...it looks even prettier eith the ribbon sash that goes with! glad you like it!

jungle dream pagoda said...

That 1st dress is astonishing,and the 2nd,well,I had a deconstructed 2ndhand wedding dresss from the thrift too!