Monday, February 19, 2007

i found this site, sfgirlbybay that has some great stuff, and makes me a little homesick too! i lived in california for most of my life, and san francisco was just a short drive up the coast. a recent post on her site was "zen and the art of bedrooms", and i do love my bedroom. i spend a lot of time there, and have it in colors i love. and while the rooms on sfgirl's site are light and airy, mine is saturated with color. but i think sometimes that i spend too much time in my room, though. it is my sanctuary. i go there at the end of the day and watch my shows on television, i go there when there is no one else home, (that is a lot!) i drag my laptop into my bed and do my blogging, and sometimes i even do my handsewing and beadwork for work there! maybe that contributes a little to my insomnia, since they say you should only use your bed for sleeping and sex. but i am surrounded by my favorite things and colors here!

i have my angels over my head right here, above my headboard. i have my virgen de guadalupe to protect me.

i have this chubby little girl to remind me what a cutie i was! this used to belong to my grama and she gave it to me. it was hanging in her house when i was little, and makes me think of my grandparents that are gone now. these flowers are a painting i painted a long time ago, and i decided i love the way it looks in my room. the pinks and lavenders pick up the wall colors a bit, and it just looks right in here. it's not a great painting, but i still love it.

and then on my bed, i have my warm cozy beautiful blanket that i curl up in while watching the tube, or blogging, or googling, or whever with my computer. and at the other end of the room, i have a bookcase that is full of my art books, magazines, some of my collection of cookbooks, and other reading materials to curl up with all cozy here! i have decided i need one of those little tea trays with little legs that fold up, that you can put over your lap while in bed. that would make it perfect!


ButtercupElffly said...

Hi cindy, Oh do not underestimate yourself.. Those flowers are Very good!! Did you ever do the sun flower mural??
I love the colors in your room no wonder you like to send time there!

Here's to Kings Cake---> Although I have no almond paste<---;-)

Shabby in the City said...

I wanted to share a blog with you after seeing your religious things... she blogged about hers yesterday, so you'll have to read thru today.

Jyothsna said...

You've a nice blog here! :)

cinderelly said...

i went to afancifultwist and it is wonderful!

jyothsna, thanks for coming for a peek and glad you liked it!