Sunday, February 18, 2007

i have a new toy...i finally got around to getting an ice cream maker that doesn't need the whole crushed ice/rock salt muss and fuss. all you have to do is stick the base in the freezer and when it is frozen, (or you are ready to make ice cream) you assemble the parts and pour in your desired ice cream, sorbet, yogurt, kulfi, etc. recipe and turn it on. a short time later, you can enjoy your frozen confection of choice!

i had a gift certificate from christmas still, and finally decided what i would like, so my daughter and i went out to bellevue square and had lunch and shopped. we went to jz rose again, since she had never been inside yet. it was still beautiful, and i touched the badgley mischka dresses, and admired the painted shabby chic furniture. i think i want to paint my furniture in my work room now! i think that pink furniture would look pretty with my lavender work room walls! maybe pink with flowers painted on them.
when we got home, i decided i wanted breakfast for dinner, so we made eggs benedict. i like my eggs benedict on biscuits instead of english muffins, though. it was really good...i love eggs benedict, and i love breakfast for dinner! when i was just a kid, my mom used to make us pancakes for breakfast quite a lot, and i had thought it was because she knew we liked them so much. when i got older, i learned that it was because we did not have anything else in the house, so at those times she made pancakes for dinner! we just thought it was something fun and delicious to have breakfast for dinner. and also, since the hubby is away in texas visiting family, i could do it...he's meat and potatoes kind of guy, and breakfast for dinner doesn't fly with him!


Eric Emin said...

Breakfast for dinner rocks. Your work room's very pretty (so are the decorations in your bedroom... personally I like the idea of being surrounded by my favourite things as I sleep - then again I love decorating my bedroom too, as you know! That adorable little girl's you?).

cinderelly said...

thanks ee! yup, that's me! quite the little chubbette then! but some of it is favorite auntie used to buy me those beautiful dresses when i was a baby, i am told!