Thursday, February 15, 2007

outlet store

driving around a while back, my husband and i were looking for a store that used to be near the southcenter mall in the seattle area. well, we never did find the place we were looking for, but i spotted this sewing outlet store, and we went in. i just wanted to put this link up, they are going to have a 'fat tuesday sale' of fat squares and other things. they had some pretty good prices on stuff, and lots of craft/sewing/needlearts books. i don't know if any sewers/quilters in the area, that maybe read this are interested in the place, or maybe have already found it. i think the link has some good info on sewing and quilting, even if you are one of my lovely readers that sew/quilt, and live in all the way in indiana, and can't make the trip to southcenter! hi katie!


Nature Girl said...

Cinderelly I just read your comment at my blogsite Nature-trail! will LoVe Rod's concert! He is very intimate with the audience! sigh!!
~~Young heart be free tonight!~~hugs NG
(I did not cmment about your post I hope you don't mind.)

cinderelly said...

that's o.k! glad you came to my blog! i am very excited about his concert...and i know when he sings 'forever young' i will be just a mess. it is my son's 'song' husband made these videos of all three of the kids from footage when they were little and he put my son's video to forever young. so now with him a grown man and having been it iraq and with kids of his own, when i hear that song i just...bleah! i'm crying NOW! LOL!

eb said...

Cinderelly - you are a riot! - you so make me laugh - I too am challenged by numbers - and am a die hard romantic - chocolate peppermint cocktail - you know - that just came to me with the collage - no such thing honey - but I've been asked now a few times chez moi - SO - hot chocolate with a healthy splash of peppermint schnapps? - check it out - xox - eb.

Mishmash ! said...

Hi Cinderelly :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I browsed through ur blog and You are very creative and talented. I loved your mural painting and that blue gown, oh myyy!!!!!!!! you have an eye for beautiful things, those cute bautiful teapots are my kinda stuff :) Will keep visiting for more.

Have a nice weekend


katie said...

Thank you Cindy!!! Wish I could make it for the sale!!
Hope you had a nice Valentines Day!