Sunday, February 04, 2007

this week my other magazines finally came...these were like the ones that i saw in thrift shop. they are not in the best condition, but that is o.k. as it turns out, the paris match ones i got earlier, were actually quite more interesting! and thanks jewels, for the offer of help with translation! i took two years of french in high school, and i know spanish, so it helps a little...i can get at least an idea of what they are talking about in most of the articles.
inside one of the magazines was also an old newspaper front page of the event as well. that was a pretty nice little bonus item to come with them. so i will tuck them all away with my other little memorabilia and books i have of kennedy stuff. i thought this was kind of interesting... i learned a little while back, that the pink dress that jackie worn on that day, will not be available to anyone for so many years that it was kind of strange. i have the newspaper article about it somewhere, but it seemed to me that it was sometime toward the end of this century. i always thought it was maybe safely archived away somewhere like the smithsonion or something.

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