Thursday, February 08, 2007

today i visited tara's site, 'silver apples of the moon', and she had this funny thing, and so i did it too. you google youself putting in your name, and then the word needs, and then list the first ten things that it says you need. so i put in 'cindy needs', and here's what i needed!

cindy needs:
  1. a camper to use at camp casey
  2. a tall, cold glass of STFU (not very nice!)
  3. to rub some good lotion on you
  4. your help
  5. a new home (cindy was a cute little yorkie!)
  6. a new roommate
  7. to be accessorized, please ( yes please!)
  8. to chill
  9. to improve her social skills
  10. to get aggressive treatment and care

many of the things that came up were in reference to cindy sheehan, that is why a couple of them are not very nice! now see what you 'need'!


homemakerkate said...

Here there sewing buddy. Awhile back you posted a pic with a jean jacket that had the virgin on it. I LOVE IT! and today I see the tea cozy too, whereever did you get that material???? I want it soo bad!
i have been incognito on line lately, not been able to be online as much as I would like. I gave up on L.S. at least for the time being.
I have a blog also,
it has no pics yet but i will find a way soon.
go take a look if you have the time.
Hope all is well with you and fam.
forestpixie, aka, katie

Bendtherulz said...

Interesting will do that for sure...let me check Tara's as well....he he he

tlc illustration said...

Don't you love having 'celebrity' references? So many caustic google-links...