Sunday, February 04, 2007

today's 'cocktail of the day' was a recipe for 'spanish margarita'. well, here in my house we make a margarita that is a little unusual, but pretty easy. my sister has a friend where she used to work that used to make margaritas at the end of the day on fridays, and they called it 'margarita fridays'. (where can i get a job like THAT!?) anyway, they just used a can of frozen limeade, put it in the blender, filled the empty can with tequila and poured that in, then poured in a bottle of beer. (this is where it gets tricky for blender is just too small!) if you like the slushy kind of margaritas, then you put in crushed ice, and blend until it is slushy. if you like them on the rocks, then just blend the mixture, and then pour it over ice in the salt-rimmed glasses. for me, we like the slushy ones and my blender will not hold the whole mixture AND the ice, so i blend just to combine the ingredients, then pour off half into another pitcher. THEN i add the ice, and blend to slushy goodness. i have two really big margarita glasses that my blender will fill them both, and you only need one drink! but if we have more than two people, i have some smaller glasses that we use, and the entire amount (two blenderfuls) will make four or five slushy-type margaritas. the beer gives them a kind of effervesance that we love, and if you use the entire amount of tequila, they pretty much kick your butt, so if you like a less powerful drink, you could adjust the amount of tequila of course!


tlc illustration said...

:-) What descriptions! I'm not a drinker - but this reminds me of the scene in "Practical Magic" with the "Midnight Margarita" dance. It's a great scene and one of my favorites.

cinderelly said...

that's funny that you should say that...when one of us is in a margarita mood, they alway will say, "i feel like we should have some 'midnight margaritas'!" we love that movie too! it's kind of cool that they filmed it in coupeville over on whidbey island.