Wednesday, March 28, 2007

did you ever notice in movies how the mustang usually 'dies'? in 'the pelican brief', it gets blown up. in 'gone in sixty seconds' (nicolas cage version) the shelby, "eleanor", gets smashed up, and then crushed in the crusher. and in 'taking lives'...again, blown up. where am i going with this? i saw the movie 'premonition' this weekend, and i think the best thing about it, was that the mustang that they show the husband driving at the beginning of the movie, does not die. i guess i didn't really hate the movie, but i really don't think i liked it much. i kept thinking to myself during the movie, "well, why don't you do this, and why don't you do that, and WHY did you do THAT!"...i found it way too frustrating.

i did see a few netflix movies lately, and i did like the ones i saw. i had been wanting to see 'the guardian' and finally saw it. i had heard the critics say it was "top gun meets an officer and a gentleman". well, i really liked both of those movies so i watched it. well, yeah... it was top gun meets officer and a gentleman, but i still liked it. i adore kevin costner, he could read the phone book, and i would watch it! (yes, i'm a dork!) i am so going to see 'mr brooks' when it comes out!

the other that i saw was 'idlewyld' with the outkast guys, and i really liked this one. i like the music of outkast, and i like andre benjamin. he was too funny in 'be cool'! but the movie had all those interesting special effects too, on top of that a good little story and the good music.

and then, the last netflix that i saw was 'accepted'. it was pretty funny! i laughed a bit more than my husband did, though. i was expecting a stupid comedy, and that was what it was, but that's o.k., 'cause it made me laugh! the funniest parts were on the commercials though.


OldRound said...

Outkast is so ... inspired I think. Good boogie music.

cinderelly said...

oldround ~ it is...i really like it.

amanda button said...

i love me some Andre too! Have you seen the AMAZING cartoon he's been doing called Class of 3000? It is really really good! My little one loves it, and to be honet, i do ha a great postive mesage, and plenty of funk too! I love the funk, and i think Andre is definitely channeling that good old Parliament Funkadelic sound that moves me like no other groove! George Clinton is THE BOMB!!!
I have been wanting to check out Idlewylde and plan to watch it while i and stuck in bed! Can't wait! :D