Friday, March 02, 2007

here is my hero!

here it is! my sister came to the rescue...she has lots of pictures that i had in my computer that got deleted, including this one, since she was the one who sent it to me! this is the one of my hubby and howie long. my husband is serious about his football...he has a second job as one of the assistant managers for field security for the seahawks, just so he can be at the all the home games, AND they pay him to be there!


vanessa said...

OH MY GOODNESS! A man's dream, isn't it????? Ohhhh....what fun!!!

OldRound said...

Hubby must be pretty tall 'cause I've seen Howie around town and he is huge. That's a great photo, with the the side walls and the stadium looming behind.

Julie said...

Wow lucky man. My husband would love to do that too. He is a sport fanatic.

P.S. thank you for your best wishes on my wedding.

cinderelly said...

vanessa- yes, he loves this job!
oldround- hubby is 6'3", so howie must be really tall to be taller than him!
julie- you are so welcome for the best wishes and glad all came out well!