Thursday, March 01, 2007

i wanted to post a picture of my hero here, but i went to retrieve it and it is gone from my computer! it was a photo of my hubby with howie long that he took at one of the seahawks games last year. is howie my hero? no, my husband is! last night i went to my bellydance class, and even though it had snowed earlier in the day, it had pretty much all melted. and even though my daughter had told me not to go because it was supposed to get snowy again later, i thought, "it'll be fine!" 'cause the class is only an hour long, if it started to snow again, how bad could it get in one short hour? uh, pretty bad, apparently! i was fine most of the way home, but a couple miles from my house, my beloved little mustang started to slip and slide all over the place. thankfully at that time, there weren't any other cars on the road. so i finally made it to our blockbuster parking lot, and slid my way into a couple of parking spots! my husband lloyd has a four wheel drive, and when i called him and said "i'm stuck!", he said, "don't worry, i'll come get you!" he got there pretty easily, but while i was waiting for him, a few other people slid into the parking lot and came dangerously close to
sliding into ME! so when hubby got there, we thought it would maybe be a good thing to move my car to a far end of the lot. well, he did not have any better luck driving that 'little pony' either! (made me feel a little's not ALL me, it's just not a snow car! but it's really cute!) fortunately, a bunch of guys were there, and they offered to help, so i steered and all the guys helped lloyd push the car into a safer place in the lot. (thanks guys!) so then we finally started up the hill, and there on the side of the road, the first in the line of abandoned vehicles that could not make it up...a cute little mustang, just like mine! but my hero, in his four wheel drive, made it right up around all the cars and safely home! so, if i am cinderelly, does that make him prince charming?!


OldRound said...

That-the belly dancing class-made me examine the little belly dancer photo more closely. Lookin' good Cinderita!

cinderelly said...

hee, hee! IF ONLY i looked as good as rita hayworth does there!

Naturegirl said...

You have a MUSTANG!!! I want one of those! Covertable I hope!
While here in Florida I drive around in my friends Mercedes convertable..I had a blowout...I.m OK
angels were with me! Whew!hugs NG

cinderelly said...

a blowout! how scary! glad you are o.k. but no, not a convertable...but i can live with that! i even have to roll the windows down with a crank, and lock my own doors manually! (i LOVE my car, low-tech as it is!)