Monday, March 12, 2007

this weekend was a movie weekend...we went to see 'zodiac', and then the next night we went to see 'the number 23'. the thing about seeing movies in the theatre, when you are waiting for the movie to begin, then they show you the trailers, and then the list of "movies i wanna see" gets a little longer! the previews for 'mr brooks' with one of my very favorites, kevin costner, looks like it will be REALLY good! and it looks like he plays a kind of dark character, a little different for him, so that will be very interesting!

we went to see 'zodiac', and we ended up going to a rather late showing. so we did not get out of the theatre until nearly 12:30 am! but i did not even feel sleepy watching this movie! (hubby fell asleep) it kept my attention throughout. i liked the way the actors played the characters, especially mark ruffalo and robert downy jr. the way the movie unfolds, i was kind of surprised at the way the different police departments interacted with each one point i thought, "no wonder they never caught the guy!" but the thing i liked the best about the movie, was the attention to detail it had. i saw so many things that i knew from my childhood, and there were some scenes of san francisco and they had the embarcadero freeway there still, (how they do THAT?!) the one that collaped in the '89 earthquake. they had the transamerica building (the big pyramid building in s.f.) as a constructions site still, and later in the movie they do a fast forward and the building goes up, and then is finished....very cool! they had a couple of amazing shots of the golden gate in the fog, too. and the thing that sent chills down my spine, was the scene where they showed an interogation of one suspect, and they showed his place of employment in the town i used to live, very near my old house! and my children went to school on the other side of the fence from there! he would have been gone by then, but it was still very creepy! that was another thing that made it very interesting to many places were familiar. i like the way the movie ended, it was very satisfying to me. this was my 'boogieman' of sorts when we were children, so i found it to be a quite interesting movie.

the next night, we went to see 'the number 23' and while it was o.k., i did not like it as much as 'zodiac'. it has jim carrey as a man who does not seem to be the most successful guy in life, but not seeming to be a total loser either. it is his birthday, and on his way to meet his wife he is delayed, and while she is waiting for him, she buys a book in a second-hand bookstore. later, they go between the narration of this book that he reads, and the jim carrey character's life, and he sees the book as a parallel to his own life, getting a little more paranoid and obsessed with it as the movie goes on. it had quite a few twists, and in my opinion, a few too many. it twisted one time and i thought it was great, and would have made a good ending and explaination there, but went on to twist some more! i guess while i said it was an o.k. movie, i was a little disappointed by it.

and movies for me! tonight, rod stewart! yay! tonights the night, gonna be alright! i think it will be better way better than 'alright'!


Mishmash ! said...

Hi Cind, Thanks for the zodiac review..wonder how creepy it was to find out a murderer was wandering here and there in a place where u lived!!!


Reel Fanatic said...

I know it was late, but how in the world could anyone fall asleep in "Zodiac"? .. Like you I found it to be riveting from start to finish

cinderelly said...

mishmash ~ you are welcome...hope it helps and hope you and your husband like it too if you see it! yes, very creepy to know he walked the same area so close!
reel fanatic ~ he falls asleep a lot in movies! :]

cinderelly said...
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Gypsy said...

Ah...we must have grown up in the same areas! This killer had a real "impact" on my life growing up here...I don't know if I can see it or not...and bring back all the nightmares.

Law enforcement is getting better at sharing information...but there are still ego's...(gypsy buttoning her lips now)

If I get the courage up I may go see it...the officers on the case even had a hard time with HOW realistic this movie was! Yikes. Lots of horrible memories!

Bendtherulz said...

Guess what I stayed in Embarcadero cove...during my stint in SFO last week of Feb.
During my flight I watched this movie and I thought of you - it was chinese movie - "My Mother does Belly Dancing"
Very unusual and out of the orthodox mould of close society norms from China.

Hmmm in this part of world Hollywood movies come bit will check that one if , finally this arrives here.
Byee n tk care

Gypsy Purple said...

Now I just have to see all persuaded me....

cinderelly said...

gypsy ~ i lived in salinas or castroville, california for most of my life, and yes it had some bad scenes, but they were in the first part of the movie and then it was just more spooky than graphic.

bendtherulz ~ i have heard of that movie! i think one of the bellydance teachers mentioned it...she is big into the bellydance movies, especially the older ones!

gypsy purple ~ if you see it, tell me if you like it or is really long, something like 2 hours and 40 minutes!

Anonymous said...

That was cool reading your reviews! I'm seeing Zodiac with my dad next Tuesday.

- Eric Emin

cinderelly said...

thanks ee! have a good outing with your dad. i think you will like this one. i liked the details in the movie a lot...i tend to look at the props and sets in those period type movies! like salt and pepper shakers we had as a kid, and dishes, and this watch that robert downey jr wears, was like one my stepdad wore back then! stuff like that. more weird stuff about me! ;]