Monday, March 19, 2007

today i finally finished with this pile of cotton candy-looking material! five dresses down...this is what they look like!

this jenny packham dress is here to get shortened a couple of inches. it has pretty bands of silver beads around the midriff and on the straps. the rest of the dress is very silky and cut on the bias, so it would be very form-fitting. i think it would look amazing on the bride!

this dress is another one for madina vadache i finished today...and it is not a 'bubble' dress! this one is one that we used to make quite often, but not so much since we started doing those bouffant ones! (the bouffant dresses are named 'grace') i had forgotten how easy these go together...only two hours and it was done! these are called 'catherine', and they are very nice for a summer wedding, i think! they are lightly lined, but still have enough support to make them fit nicely without feeling heavy.

so for tomorrow, i get to load up a pile of dresses and deliver them, and pick up more!


trupti said...

wow...look at those colors...Love that white one...your girls are adorable!


cinderelly said...

trupti ~ i too, think the colors of the silk are amazing! thanks for looking in and leaving a comment!

Mishmash ! said...

Cind, first I was stuck with that pink dress and was admiring how lovely they re and comparing to one of the other dressed u posted earlier. Then my eyes fell on the next one, the Catherines...WOW! ELEGANT is the word for it ..look sooo Gorgeous!! I still cant take my eye off of 'em. Some pretty bride is going to wear it :)


cinderelly said...

shn ~ i guess that is why i keep doing what i do...i get frustrated with the women sometimes, and there is not much money in it, but the dresses...(big sigh!) i love the dresses!

Anonymous said...

The pink and blue dresses especially are gorgeous! Will they be at the same wedding?

- Eric Emin

cinderelly said...

hi ee! no, all the pink will be at one wedding, but the blue one is a sample to be sent to a bridal shop back east that will carry madina's line.

Shula said...


You must really know what you're doing.

I'm a terrible seamstress. I can embellish till my eyes fall out, but sew a shirt, and I'm a mess.

cinderelly said...

shula ~ i only have to sew it together, though...someone else gets the 'fun' part of cutting out all the pieces (i hate that part!) and all i do is sew! the other bouffant ones take about 3 hours, with all the pleats and gathering. and i have done so many, (probably about a couple hundred dresses now!) i feel like i can almost do them in my sleep!