Friday, March 09, 2007

tonight we are going to finally go see the movie 'zodiac'. i have been wanting to see it since i heard they were making it, but when it came out finally, i still was a little sick from my recent cold, and was still having 'cough attacks'. i know how annoying that is in the movies, so i wanted to wait till i was no longer coughing up a lung!

my daughter already went to see it, and she said it was good, but very long. she said it was really creepy, because a lot of the places they show on the movie, were places we have lived! it creeped her out in the movie to know she lived there and there had been murders there in the past! well, i lived in the central valley at the time the killings were happening, but my dad and my grandparents lived in the monterey bay area. i used to go stay with them quite often, and was aware that 'the zodiac' was out there lurking about somewhere...and somewhere pretty near! even when i was at home, we would be out playing and come home 'before it got dark', and we would say to each other, "watch out for the zodiac killer! he's gonna GET you!" so, i totally remember when it was happening!

my daughter saw it the night we were away in vancouver, so after she saw it she went home to an empty house and could not sleep! later i found out, she had decided to read a book, so she went into my room looking for a paperback to read. she handed me the one she had chosen later and said, "i read this while you guys were gone...AFTER seeing the zodiac movie! it was pretty freakin' scary!" her choice had been 'hush' by anne frasier! it was scary enough for me without the adding of being all alone, and having just seen 'zodiac'! but she really liked the book too!

there are a few other interesting movies coming out or already out that i would like to see, too. we would like to see 'the number 23', that one looks kind of interesting, and also spooky. kind of a different jim carrey role! and there is another that looks really creepy, spooky that i am on the fence about if i want to see it in a dark, dark theatre... the movie 'dead silence'. it has some elements that are very freaky to me, the dolls that come to life, and that CLOWN! clowns are one of the things that pretty much freak me out, i just find them totally creepy. they also have that ventriliquist dummy in the movie too. they have always been creepy to me too, ever since i saw that movie 'magic' with anthony hopkins! my daughter has a theory about waiting to see it until you can watch at home though...when you go to the theatre, you 'leave' it there, if you watch it at home, after it is over, you still think about it, 'cause you saw it at your house, and it's still 'there'. kind of makes sense.

one last one that looks very interesting, is the movie with sandra bullock, 'premonition'. it has one of those time twist elements that i find intriguing. and also the thing where you try to explain something that is real (or is it?!) and try to make someone realize that you aren't really crazy (or are you?!)!


OldRound said...

Eek. I could not watch those movies. Your poor daughter. If I'm alone I can only watch happy stuff!

ButtercupElffly said...

I have not seen it yet "Zodiac".. but I really want too.. I remember it too although I lived in Oregon at the time.. My friend lived in Concord CA. Yikes!!! Ventriliquist Dummies..
I never trusted them???

Love the PINK!!

PS; My hubby saw the preveiw..'dead silence' He wont be watching it!!

cinderelly said...

oldround ~ yes, i must admit i am a bit of a 'ghoul'...take note of my halloween display!
tess ~ concord! oh my, she was right there near the the madness! yes, yes! are they not just too eerie!?
i think i love the pink too!


Reel Fanatic said...

I hope you liked Zodiac .. It was a bit long perhaps, but I was never bored, and I thought the final act with Graysmith obsessively seeking the truth was just superb

cinderelly said...

reel fanatic ~ i did like it in spite of the length. we went to a later showing, and didn't get out till after midnight!

Mishmash ! said...

Hye, I'm waiting to read ur review on zodiac, more than me, my hubby is waiting for that :)