Thursday, March 22, 2007

a while back, when i posted my tea cosies, i promised to show my collection of teapots. as some collections go, it is not very big, but most have a little story behind them, and that is usually why i have them. (all the descriptions go with the photo below it)
these little brown ones, i got one like them at a thrift store, and then found a bean pot that went with, and that started my mom off on these little guys...she has about 20 of them at her house on display, all sizes and shapes! the first one i got broke, and these two were given to me by my cousin. these two pots with pretty roses, were given to me by my daughter angie. she knows i love roses! she used to work at a tiny tea shop in country village that is no longer there, called 'tea, thyme and ivy'. they had a little room at the back that served tea and scones, and they sold bulk teas. that was how we got hooked! these pots came from that store, and we use the bigger one pretty much every day!
this tea set is one that i made while i was getting my AA degree...i spent all my spare time in the pottery studio, i loved that place! the best, was the day that the kiln would be opened...i love when the fired pottery comes out, and then starts to makes a tinkling sound like wind chimes! i even love the way it smells, it is an indescribable smell, very interesting! anyway, this is one that i made that was hand built. i liked that better than the pottery wheel.
the celedon (green) one on the left, i got from one of my instructors home sales. the tiny one in the middle, that came from the little tea shop too, and the dark one on the right, was another that i made, this one was from the pottery wheel. it has a kind of funky spout go to pour and the tea shoots straight out with much force! the color of it is kind of weird was this weird glaze that was an accident... someone had mis-mixed a batch of glaze, and it never came out a particular way, it depended on how thick the glaze was, and what it was sitting next to in the kiln determined the color. sometimes it came out a fabulous blue color, and sometimes a black, and other times a red tinged black...weird!
this blue and white one has a funny son would be so mad if he knew i told you! i will try to make it a short story, but it may lose something! i got this from him on my birthday several years back. that year my birthday fell on thanksgiving. (it does that sometimes!) my son was living with us and had not returned all night. so, when it was thanksgiving morning AND my birthday and i had not heard from him, i was a bit annoyed. as the day went on and still no billy, i was not annoyed anymore, i was completely angry! finally, later in the afternoon, angie gets a phone call, and then she comes to me and says, "um, sorry but you are going to be upset...first, billy is o.k...second, he is on his way, but he just got out of the hospital." apparently, you CAN fall three stories, and be o.k.! IF you fall in grass, and it has been raining for some time, and if you fall just right. but even then, you get pretty messed up! he did not break anything, but he was injured some, and really sore for quite a while. he had gotten locked out of his friend's apartment where he was, and tried to climb up the balconies. but as it had been raining, the railings were slippery...he fell and went boom! he said he went back a few days later, and the grass was all yellowed where he fell, and there was a puddle in the distinct outline of his body there! anyway, not so short a story after all!
the other little pot in the photo was from my cousin again...she likes e-bay! she saw this one and it reminded her of my pots so she got it for me. that was nice of her. she started doing pottery a little while ago and she is quite good at it. i tried to tell her she should think about selling some things...i think they would do well, she is that good.

then, last but not cinderella set! my daughter angie got this one too! it has some coffee mugs that go with it. (not sure why coffee mugs go with a tea set!) but it is so pretty, i am afraid to break it so we don't use it much! (i tend to be notorious in my house for breaking dishes!) the little silver spoons that are there, they are ones we saw on the back of a cereal box soon after she bought this. they have the littel shoe and the fairy godmother on top. we ate lots of cereal, and collected the little bar code thingies to send in to get them, but they match the set perfectly! (sorry they cannot be seen better here.)

so there are my tea pots...i actually have more, but they are holiday ones, and packed away who knows where! at christmas time if they turn up and i am still blogging, i'll get a shot of them!


Mishmash ! said...

Hi Cind, firstly, take good care of ur hand, dont delay it too much. Secondly I just loved ur teapots collection, esplecially 3,4 & 5th photos....Guess we will make good shopping companions :)


cinderelly said...

hi shn! thanks, and yes, that would be fun... to go shop together!

andsewtosleep said...

Hi there. I love your tea pots. I too collect - but confess mine are probably too dusty to go public on blogger. Also your dresses are beautiful. Thanks too for visiting my blog.

cinderelly said...

andsewtosleep ~ i definately had to wash everything off to post the pots! i am seriously keeping my eyes open for a china cabinet (that won't cost six months wages!) these days though to keep my pretty dishes and teapots on display and not dusty!