Monday, April 23, 2007

every sunday night we always watch "ebert and roeper at the movies", the movie critics and see what they think about the movies that are out, or about to be out. not that i think much of their opinion...if you have been looking in on me for any time at all, you will have noticed i don't have the best 'taste' in movies. i like monster movies, and blow-'em-up stuff, dumb comedy, etc. i mostly hate the stuff that gets an oscar...i watch the oscars to see the dresses! anyway, last night they had john mellencamp as the guest host sitting in for roger while he is recuperating, and it was very enjoyable watching him as a movie critic! he disagreed with richard for the most part and just gave a 'guy off the street' (to quote my hubby) kind of opinion. i liked how he wouldn't let one of the movies be critiqued on the actors past performances, he wanted it to be judged for the movie it was...i just loved it!

we saw a few movies in the past week or so. we did go and see my brucie in 'perfect stranger'. i did like it, and i loved the wardrobe halle berry wore! and they showed her up close enough, too. i did like the ending, and i found the whole movie just creepy enough! (the critics didn't much like it though!) we also went to see 'grindhouse', finally. i won't review it at all, because EVERYONE has seen it before me already! i think we were the last people to see it! i did enjoy it was waaaay gross! and the 'death proof' part, the mustang did not die! so two movies with bruce willis in them, that was good! and coming soon...yay! 'die hard', what, four?!!! it looks like they blow up EVERYTHING in that movie! i'll be seeing THAT one!

we also went to see 'hot fuzz'. i really liked it... i laughed a lot throughout the movie. they had some great, kind of running jokes through it, like a swan that they were trying to track down, and a crossword puzzle reference that was pretty funny. i think i liked 'shaun of the dead' better, but if i were to critique it as john mellencamp said, on it's own, it was a funny little movie worth seeing! it did have a little grossness, too though! some decapitaions, and another guy gets...hmmm, i guess it would also have been decapitated?! anyway, gross alert, but a little one. more funny than gross, 'cause even the gross makes you laugh!

we also watched some netflix movies that i got because my husband had not seen them. we had rented 'pushing tin' and my husband loved it, but then we started talking about the actors, and billy bob and the movie 'a simple plan' came up, and he had not seen that i got it. it is such a good movie, it has good plot twists and it is just very interesting. and he had also not seen john cusak in the older movie, 'better off dead'! i love this movie, it is one of those dumb comedies that i find so funny. i was laughing way more than my husband was, though!

well, i am in the grip of serious 'spring fever' here. i need to go downstairs and work, but it is just too beautiful out! but i have a serious lineup of dresses on the rack, so i guess i must get to it. i'll post some photos of sewing soon, since it seems like i have not done that in a while!


The Feathered Nest said...

Believe it or not, I haven't seen Grindhouse yet! I want to love, I love Robert Rodriguez. I guess I don't have good taste in movies either LOL! I like blow-em-up, kung fu fighting type movies. Although I do like the occassional chick flick like "The Holiday". I can't wait for the next Die Hard, I hope it isn't lame! That would be so disappointing!

That's so cool that you're going to mosaic a birdbath too. I almost have enought to start.

Thanks for stopping by!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

You are so lucky to get to watch all those movies. We never seem to have time anymore. I did watch Rocky Balboa the other day. I actually liked it. I haven't seen Grindhouse, though I have heard a lot about it.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh my, I really need to get out more. I haven't even heard of any of those movies. My husband and I were given free passes to the movies 2 yrs ago and we wound up waiting until the night they expired before we used them. We saw Pursuit of Happiness.
I always like the movies that the critics hate, so I rarely bother to listen to reviews.

And what sewing talent you have...pretty dresses!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
Kimberly (fellow fabric junkie)

Bendtherulz said...

Movie time....we are not getting any of these movies...only much publicised ones gets to see the dark Halls :-(

cinderelly said...

the feathered nest ~ isn't robert rodriguez terrific!? we will have to compare notes on the birdbath project!

betty ~ i loved the movie 'rocky balboa'! i'm going to buy it.

kimberly ~ thanks for stopping by mine too, and for the nice comment! i thought the 'pursuit of happyness' was a very sweet movie. we listen to the critics and when they hate a movie we say, 'hmmm, we should check that one out!"

bendtherulz ~ sorry you can't get these!

Eric Emin Wood said...

Movie critics can be too uppity at times... I wanna see Hot Fuzz!

- EE