Saturday, April 14, 2007

too, too cute!

my sweet nana-babies...the little one is a blur, 'cause she moves too fast to get a clear photo!


Vanessa said...

Tooooo Toooo adorable! Yes! Oh yo be a child again.......Look at that sweet face.....xxo,V

Tom Kidd said...

Yes, cute kids. Congratulations on making your deadline. The report on your trip to Memphis certainly made me hunger for some barbecue.

My wife and I have a trip coming up in a few months I'll want to chronicle. If all goes well, we'll be traveling in an airship -- no kidding! A Zeppelin NT. They're real. Seriously. Honest. I hope nothing ruins our plans.

trupti said...

what a lovely smile!

cinderelly said...

vanessa ~ she is a sweetie!

tom ~ i'll look forward to seeing that! how cool would that be to ride in a zepplin! i tried to go on your site yesterday and it was having 'blogger difficulies'!

trupti ~ it was, she's a cutie!