Friday, April 27, 2007

first embroidery

when i was a kid, my mom had this book on the bookshelf, "child's book of sewing". it was one of her books that she had as a child. i pulled it off the shelf, and looked through it, and then i was hooked for life. i was a huge reader as a kid too, so i don't know if i had read all the other stuff in the house already, or if the sewing already appealed so much that i read it! anyway, the book is really cute, it has these cute illustrations and the print is interesting, kind of big and like someone handwrote the text. it says 'sewing' in the title, but what it actually shows is how to handsew and some basic embroidery stitches.

it shows you what tools you need to handsew, and it had some projects like a sewing card to practice stitches, and several projects that were made out of felt, since it is easy for little hands to hold on to. you can click on the photos to get a better look.

i did most of the projects in the book, i made the sewing card, and there was a bookmark, a coin purse, a bunny bean bag and a sewing kit. i still have all of them but the sewing kit, i might have given that one to my mom back then, but i could not find the bean bag or the coin purse...i think they are stored with the baby blankets and school drawings of my now-grown children! but here is a photo of the sewing card and the bookmark i you can see, i was only seven years old! my mom helped me to make the sewing card. she had to help me trace it out of the book, and then paste the paper to the cardboard, and poke the holes for the stitches to go in. i like that it has her handwriting on it for the names of the stitches. it has become a little smudged and worn, and the lettering is faint, but still readable. i remember having a horrible time getting the blanket stitches right! here is also a little potholder i embroidered too, with a cute little parakeet. i also already liked cooking back then! i think that it took so long to embroider the potholder, that i decided not to use it to actually use it for cooking! or maybe my mom just would not let me, so it would not get spoiled. that's good, because it is still in pretty good shape after how many years? o.k., let's NOT go there! but i did embroider a lot after that, and as a teenager, i had lots of embroidery on my jeans, and sewed hats and tops to put embroidery on...well, i did grow up in the 60's!


Marilyn said...

Love the embroidery! I grew up in the 60's too and loved to sew on my jeans and purses and socks....pretty much everything I wore had some type of stitching on it. I still have my first knitting book. No cover but the directions and instructions are all still there. I love that little book.

andsewtosleep said...

What lovely items and more than that the story behind them. Hope you write it down so that others know the history. I made loads when I was little but sadly have none to show. Lucky you. Mary

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely things - I too grew up in the sixties and was busy sewing everything! Thanks for the lovely comments.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty said...

Oh! That book is so cute and I can't believe you still have your first embroideries! They're all so adorable. I can't even remember the first thing I embroidered! Something on my ugly P.E. clothes, I think!

carolina said...

Beautiful! You are very lucky to have your first works - I wish I could see mine!

OldRound said...

How awesome you still have the book and the things you made.

floresita said...

This is wonderful! I loved that you saved that book and all your "first projects"! :) My first projects involved some rather silly cross-stitch cats... :)

cinderelly said...

marilyn ~ didn't it seem like embroidery covered everything then!?

mary ~ i too, made a lot of stuff but this is all (embroidery) i have left

kim ~ you are welcome!

betty ~ thanks! did you have those ugly 'bloomer-ish' gym clothes too?! ugh, i hated those! (almost as much as i hated gym!)

carolina ~ thanks, i love your new stuff!

oldround ~ i will never get rid of the book willingly, since it was my mom's!

flor ~ i tried cross stitch too, on gingham, but it was too...maybe repetitive? i wanted to 'color outside the lines'! i do envy when people have patience for it, it comes out so perfect and ordered! (traits i do not have!) ;]

jungle dream pagoda said...

How precious,I love how fabulous and sentimental it all is. That parakeet potholder is off the proverbial chain by anyones standards!Oh,and my blanket stitch still looks like the one on your card.