Friday, May 25, 2007

mystery project!

here i have assembled the materials for a project for someone you will just have to wait and see what happens! (it is a bit of a surprise!) i finished it yesterday, while i was a little too drugged up to do sewing for work for fear i would seriously mess something up, but stubborn enough (and sick of sitting watching t.v.!) to get into something in the sewing room. i made quite the mess yesterday too, and now i have to wade through it to work on stuff today! the "trader joe's" bag you see in the background there, i got in a fun swap with the lovely, and always interesting and entertaining, vanessa from a fanciful twist! you can see what i sent to her here! i have put the bag to good use... i have it full of the materials that i brought home from madina's studio for five more bridesmaids dresses in mocha silk. it is the perfect size to hold all the zippers, labels, ribbon, and precut materials that i am always picking up, and always looking for a container to hold them in! this is so much better than a plastic grocery bag, that usually ends up gettting emptied of something else to serve as a carrier! thanks vanessa, and mr. lovey too!


SteamyKitchen said...

Mystery project....bellydancing outfit for the Oscar?

Thanks for the epicurious rock!

cinderelly said...

jaden ~ ha, ha! close! something bellydance, but not for oscar! it did give me mental images of oscar in a vest, turban, and harem pants that made me laugh out loud!

you are welcome for the nomination! your site rocks! it is one that i find myself printing off the most recipes to try!