Saturday, June 02, 2007

Barack Obama

the barack obama rally was the first time i have ever gone to something like that. i'm not really a political person, i actually hate to talk politics with people, but this was really very interesting. the picture didn't come out the clearest, even though we were fairly close. he sounds very smart and has good ideas. i like how he is about focusing on positive things, and how we can get things done in our country, like health care and schools. and bringing home the troops. it was very hopeful to me.

we went because, as mentioned in the previous post, my daughter had an assignment for the school newspaper. she and my husband got interviewed after by the channel 7 news, and she ended up on the news last night! (hubby's interview got cut) and she also made a contact at the station, the reporter gave her his card when he found out she is a journalism major. but they spelled her name wrong on the news! LOL!


She'sSewPretty said...

Woo hoo for your daughter! Good for her. I like what Barack Obama has to say. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.
I went shopping for you this morning. I saw lots of stuff you would like!

cinderelly said...

betty ~ isn't he like a refreshing breath of air!? i am looking forward to this too! i hope it goes well for him, because it would mean, good for us!

shopping for me! i'm excited to see! i know i will like anything you send!

Gypsy said...

Oh I hope to hear MORE good things about him! I just remember the 60s and those that seemed to have a voice got snuffed out...scares me a bit...

I want change so bad in this country. Like you I don't talk much to people about politics...makes for people shouting! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, I wanted to know how it was...!

I hope he can back up what he says... I think every politician talks about health care and schooling and (given our current climate) bringing home the troops. I get to vote though, so I'll be paying close attention! Here's hoping!

- Eric Emin

cinderelly said...

gypsy ~ yes, doesn't the important stuff in our country seem to be going the wrong direction? and yes, the folks i know that talk politics seem to be way passionate about it and end up screaming!

eric emin ~ i hope so too...i think that he is so inexperienced still is a big roadblock though. but there are still two years, anything can happen!

ambika said...

Lucky you that you got to go! I saw it advertised but didn't even think there'd still be space.

And lucky you to go to Victoria as well. Shallow at Stylefinder (she's in Victoria) also has some recommendations on where to go. We'll definitely be going back.

cinderelly said...

ambika ~ thanks for stopping in! i did not see obama's visit advertised until the day before...we found out from my daughter. hubby works at the stadium, and we figured we could get in somehow, but we did buy tickets, there was secret service everywhere!

victoria should be fun...your trip looked pretty fun, too!