Tuesday, June 12, 2007

today, after working with white wedding dresses all day, i saw on gypsypurple's site a post about this site, nirali magazine, that has the most beautiful articles about indian weddings. the colors and the styling are amazing, but i cannot describe it properly...you gotta go see!


Gypsy Purple said...

Thanks for the mention....I appreciate.....yes, it is stunning and amazing pictures, isn`t it!!

trupti said...

Indian weddings are soooo colorful...I just love them!

Those are such gorgeous flowers on the sidebar there, btw.


cinderelly said...

gypsy purple ~ yes, i couldn't stop looking at the site! beautiful!

trupti ~ i adore the colors! and i love the mehndi tradition! the rose is from my deck...it smells wonderful! (my kitty, b.b. likes to eat the petals!)

Mishmash ! said...

Cind, I just noticed this post now...I know you like indian food...now i notice your inclination towards Indian clothes and colours....and I wonder how mesmerized you will be once you reach India...its all about rich vibrant colours...food...palaces....natural beauty...I can go on and on....do visit India once..you will fall in love with the place , and if I am there during your visit, I will take you to one regional Indian wedding for sure :)


cinderelly said...

shn ~ don't you know me sooo well! while this comment popped up, i was on e-bay looking at the lovely indian necklaces with the tikkas and earrings! i have one already...it's pink of course! ;] i would love to be able to go to an indian wedding with you, that would be great fun!