Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy july 4th!

hope you all have a relaxing holiday for those who celebrate it here! i for one will be escaping this endless flow of dresses for the day. going to go out to my mom's island to get, as they say on the island, '100 percent relaxed'!

i was getting stuff out of the way, and hung one of my veils up over these chinese laterns my mom bought for us to put over the hot tub...i like them here in my sewing room window with the veil hung that way! i can pick up the veil and practice anytime i feel like it! i got a couple more veils sewn on sunday...they are so soft, i wanted to keep them, but they will go to ottoman trading company and the medfest. THEN if they don't sell, i'll keep them! (click on ottoman trading company here, and see the new's beautiful! now you can see why i love it and spend so much money there!)

here is oscar, the labor supervisor! both the kitties had to get into the picture when i was taking the shots of the table full of dresses. i got all the pieces connected on day one..all the bustier parts connected and all the skirt sections connected...tomorrow, my goal is to get all the bustiers sewn together and connected to the skirts and linings, and MAYBE the zippers sewn to the outer body of the dresses. yeah, good luck with that! i had a major setback yesterday, and got hardly anything done, and then after picking up yet more alterations, my garment rack collapsed completely spilling dresses EVERYWHERE! it required a trip to target to get another, which was found to be broken as well when i got it home! so finally late in the evening i got THAT mess cleaned up! somedays everything that can go wrong does, and that was yesterday!

but i did finally see the new store for voletta, and it is gorgeous! i will try to remember to get shots next time i go. it even has a whole side of the store for just the vera wang things, the dresses, china and crystal. o.k, i'm off to try to get '100 percent relaxed'!


She'sSewPretty said...

Happy 4th of July, Cindy. Hope you are off relaxing. I'll be going out to my brother's and doing the same thing this afternoon.

tlc illustration said...

Your mom has an island? Lucky! :-) (that sounds wonderful).

Love the Chinese lanterns. Not much better than beautifully colored paper lit from within.

cinderelly said...

betty ~ hope your holiday was wonderful!

tara ~ no, she just calls whidbey 'her island'! my mom got the lanterns, and they are silk! aren't they lovely!? and they are solar powered! but they only work in the total dark, and you have to remember to turn them off...pros and cons there!

tlc illustration said...

Silk is even *better* than the paper variety! I know about the solar cons... I've just started aquiring glass lanterns for the garden - and have opted NOT to have solar - they only last about 4 hours, and not nearly as pretty as candle-light....