Thursday, July 05, 2007

mom's island

we went to my mom's island, whidbey island, for the's not really her's, as in she bought it, that's just what we call it, 'mom's island'! they knew the first time they visited about 20 years ago, that they would retire here, they love it so much! what's not to love? here is the view from the dining room and back decks, the saratoga passage and snow-capped mt. baker in the distance. to the right you can watch the clinton-mukilteo ferries coming and going all day. you can click the photos to see better.

here's my mommy! i like her says, "whidbey island lifestyle, it's all good"

my mom has an awesome garden, she is in it gardening every moment she gets. this is the herb section. i 'stole' cuttings of her mint... every time i go there and see the glorious mint that she has, i wanna make mojitos! ('stolen' cuttings grow better!) she has peppermint, chocolate mint, spearmint, orange bergamot mint, and pineapple mint. i have some apple mint that i am rooting for her to put in her mint section.

did i get '100 percent relaxed'? you betcha! we had hot dogs and made a fire in the firepit later, and made s'mores. yes, i DID used to be a girl mommy was one of the leaders too! she even saved us when we got lost once! but then she also GOT us lost once, too...i guess now i will have to tell that story soon, huh!

then, me and hubby took the ferry back home to watch the fireworks from our little neck of the woods. on this ferry ride you can see mt. baker and mt. rainier. actually you can see them both from my mom's can see mt. rainier from the front porch! anyway, from down the street a couple blocks from our house, you can see the fireworks really great...we live up on a hill and you can see kirkland and bellevue fireworks at the same time, and all the little ones in the hills surrounding, too. if you look to the right a bit, you can see seattle in the distance. you can even see a little of the space needle, but only the top part, so it looks like a space ship landing!


the feathered nest said...

Your Mom has an amazing garden! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


Mishmash ! said...

An island! Wow!
Like the 'stolen' mint, its been said that money plant grows better if it's a 'stolen' one :)


Cheryl said...

That is one fantastic garden! Now I have something to aim for - whether or not I achieve it is an entirely different story...

cinderelly said...

manuela ~ isn't it amazing? i took more photos...i'll post more in time. and we did!

shn ~ my great-grama used to say that about cuttings! 'stolen' cuttings root better.

cheryl ~ she really works hard on it. good luck to you on your's! thanks for the visit!

tlc illustration said...

Sounds idyllic. Loved the sound of all those mints. I think there is something wrong with my nose when it comes to mint blends - I can't smell the pineapple or chocolate with pineapplemint or chocolatemint...(Or maybe it's just the particular plants I have sniffed..?) I have pineapple and apple mints right now (as well as spearmint and peppermint) - but can't seem to smell the fruity flavors... :-(

Bendtherulz said...

What bliss....!! And yeah...just the other day when I ordered Mojitos - you came to my
tk care ~

She'sSewPretty said...

Beautiful pictures. Your mom looks like a sweetie and her garden is gorgeous!

cinderelly said...

tara ~ even better than the pineapple mint is pineapple sage! it smells just wonderful!

bendtherulz ~ ha, ha! my father's day mojitos incident! (i felt none too well the next day!) but not bad enough to forego mojitos again! (i guess i'm a slow learner...or i'm just not a quitter!) ;]

betty ~ my mom IS a sweetie! she's as gorgeous as her garden!

Anonymous said...

How do you make "mojitos"? I have all the herbs your Mom seems to have and do not have a recipe or know what they are.

Thanks, Bren