Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my doll quilt crazy... finally

here is my doll quilt, so far. can you guess what the theme was?! it still needs the edges bound, but i may not get to it for a while! you can click on it to get a better look. it has the 'dia de los muertos' embroidery transfer pattern from sublime stitching. speaking of which, i got the newsletter from jenny hart in e-mail today...COOL NEW PATTERNS! go look! i bought four patterns, and the book. i have been wanting that for a while now, and i got paid today so i said what the heck, i deserve it! (i worked hard for that should go to a good home!) hee, hee! i also thought i deserved a new jingly, hip scarf, too! i didn't have a black one!


Rochambeau said...

Dear Cinderelly,
I too sew a lot and try not to bleed on my work. Did you know in the Theater biz blood from a sewing needle on a costume is a good luck omen?

Thanks for visiting Rochambeau!

floresita said...

This is so awesome - I love all the fabrics you used!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is so fantastic! And the colors! The colors!! I'm loving the virgin Mary on that also... whereever did you find her on fabric or did you transfer it yourself?! That's SO beyond COOL!!
What's up with the weather. It's downright cold!

the feathered nest said...

Really wonderful! I adore all those colors and fabrics that you used!


cinderelly said...

flor ~ thanks! i knew you would like those fabrics! have you seen the new sublime stitching transfers? i bought some!

miz smoochie lips ~ thank you! do you love the pink like i do!? i got the guadalupe fabrics at pacific fabrics...some at the bellevue store and some in northgate. and the embroidery is from sublime stitching! (no, she isn't paying me to advertise these days! lol! and wasn't the lightning this morning freaky!?

manuela ~ thank you! i must admit, i am liking it quite a lot for a first quilt project "completed"! (still have to do the edges!)

A Fanciful Twist said...

I LOVE IT!! I mean, I really really really love it!!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Cindy, that turned out so pretty! I love the bright pink with the other fabrics. Very cool!!

I forgot....did I answer you about the Giants? I have been to the new stadium and it is absolutely awesome!!

anne frasier said...

well, i'm gonna repeat what everybody else said -- love the rich colors! you have such a great eye.

SteamyKitchen said...

I'm going bust our my embroidery threads again - working on an apron, and it would be cool to embroider sushi on it. Though I think I could do it without a pattern.

cinderelly said...

vanessa ~ i knew you would like that one! we both love her!

betty ~ i love that pink too! i have used it on lots of things...gotta get more! (you did answer me!)

anne ~ thanks so much!

jaden ~ the sushi pattern IS really simple. (i think i would wing it too...sorry jenny!) i bought some funny material a while back, with sushi chefs, that i want to make into an apron too! maybe in the wedding 'off season'!