Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wow, i didn't realize it had been such a long time since i last posted! it has been kind of a madhouse here at the castle! (castle...ha, ha! i crack myself up!) i have been working like mad still of course, but to liven things up we are getting new floors put in, and guess where all the furniture is while THAT gets done? the sewing room! so i am working in a space that is about four feet by four feet, with junk piled everywhere! where the hell does all this stuff come from!? and WHY do we have it! i told hubby, "it's gonna make the garage sale easier...we'll just not put a lot of stuff back!" i'm hoping for next weekend, for sure this time. (i think i said that once though!) but the floors were supposed to get started LAST weekend, and thing after thing has been happening, and we are pretty frustrated by now. the worst was moving all the furniture because they were to start friday morning, (a week and a half ago, friday!) but they didn't show. so then we found out, it would be a few days later, and then finally they did start this past sunday. so we have been living without furniture and things for that long! enough!

the fun exciting thing that happened, was i went to bellydance camp! that was a ton of fun! it was out on a lake, and we had little cabins filled up with other bellydancers. there were workshops during the day, and we swam, and at night there were haflas, which are very fun, with dancers and music, and it was a great time! AND i got to see the wonderful, great bellydancer delilah dance for the first time! she was mesmerising! but all the dancers were absolutely amazing! i took pictures with my cell phone, but they are terrible. i was about one hour out of town, and my daughter text messaged me, "you forgot the camera, psycho!" aaaarrgh! that would have been good to remember! on monday i was worthless, so tired and sore...it took me a good part of the day to do a two hour alteration!

well, i'll be getting back to work now. i have to finish a lot of stuff as i will also be getting lasik done, 'cause i'm pretty blind! i need glasses to see far off (that would be about four feet away!) but can see close up o.k. but with contacts in, i can see far off well, but i gotta put reading glasses on to see my close work! anyway, it's at the end of the week, and i'll be down one work day, so i need to get a lot done, since i am falling a bit behind with the short times off i take, a day here a day there. and i promise to have some pictures again soon! it has been too messy to take any lately!


tlc illustration said...

Good luck with the Lazik! It sounds great - but scares me silly. *shudder*

Belly-dance camp sounds fun. :-)

cinderelly said...

thanks tara! yeah, it sounds scary...but wanna see! camp WAS a blast!

ButtercupElffly said...

Hi Cindy, Well you not alone, I have been struggling to get blogging done as well.. So much to finish up around here this summer..