Tuesday, September 18, 2007

another concert!

my hubby is a pretty lucky guy...he won tickets to the kenny g concert a couple months ago, from the radio station KWJZ. so the concert was last night at the pullyallup fair. we had seeen kenny g perform before, a few years ago in fort worth. my hubby and sister-in-law wanted to do something special for my mother-in-law's birthday, and so they took her to a kenny g concert. we had great seats, in the third row from the stage, and kenny g came up to my mother-in-law and played a song to her...it made her so happy! that concert was the last time i saw her, she passed away a couple of years ago.

but last night's performance was wonderful. we had pretty good seats too, and there was an opening performance by jazz musician norman brown. he was fantastic! i was a little sorry he did not play a little longer! but then kenny g came out, and played for nearly two hours! his band is really amazing too. he has a great percussionist, and he did some stuff that was really fun, and the guitar players were terrific! (love those electric guitars!) i remember the bass players name 'cause it sounds like 'veil'...it's vail! but they are all really great.

when they were done, and they had left the stage, they came back for an encore, and he did a thing like a really long intro that they called 'cadence', and i said to my hubby, this sounds like he's gonna do 'songbird' eventually...then he did. it was beautiful. after they were done, they all took a bow and said good-bye, and then kenny g said they would be available to sign stuff and we could meet them after the concert! i have NEVER been to a concert where that happened before! they did come out, and we went over to where they were, and the guitar player said 'hi' to me. it was great! (my sister always says i'm so easily amused!) but we did not really have anything we wanted signed, so then we left...also, 'cause it was sooooo COLD! during the concert, kenny g kept warming his sax by a heater, and had hand warmers in his pockets! did i mention that it was an outdoor concert? it was a bit chilly!

they are coming out with a new cd with latin sounds on valentine's day, and it will be in the starbucks's as well as the stores! they played some stuff from it, and it's gonna be really good i think!


tlc illustration said...

Sounds like a terrific concert. I haven't seen Kenny G in years - does he still have the long hair?

And yes! Can you believe how chilly it has gotten all of the sudden?

cinderelly said...

tara ~ it was very good! and he does still have the long hair...he totally looks the same, one of those never-aging guys! and the weather is just weird, how it got sooo cold! my daughter and i were piled up on the couch last night with blankies! brrr!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I would have LOVED that concert, easily amusing bandmates and all. Glad you enjoyed it! Did he play Silhoutte? That's my favourite... I always imagine it wafting through a moonlit city.

- EE