Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my new love

here are some of my things that i got from my new favorite place, silk road tribal. they are in ottoman trading company's shop right now but only until the end of the week. the website is in my sidebar as a link though, so if so inclined you could find where they are vending in the future! i bought the purple embroidered choli to go with a black skirt i had made a while back. it looks great together, and i would have posted a photo showing how great, but cannot locate the file with the photo! i have, unfortunately, an illogical way of storing them, so finding one later is sort of hit and miss!
i also got these lovely things there as well. i love the pink ring...i wear it every day! and the bracelets are so wonderfully jangly! my daughter laughs at me...between my high heels and my jewelry, everyone knows exactly where i am at all times! even the pink scarf below the jewelry comes from silk road tribal as well, it is a fringed hip scarf with pretty little shisha mirrors in it. of course, i am still totally in love with my ottoman trading company, can have two loves, can't they?

there is going to be a great festival at country village this weekend, and with it on sunday there is going to be a 'totally tribal hafla' at ottoman trading that will be so fun! click on the links for more information! and as for me, i am off now to practice a mini choreography 'homework' project we have in my bellydance class for tomorrow. i'm just hoping to not look like hugh grant dancing through the house, in that scene from 'love actually'! (that is a great movie though!) oops, i almost forgot! this last little bit of loveliness is another thing i got from silk road tribal...yards and yards of embellished edges from vintage saris! i want to make some caftans, or something else with this incorporated into the design somehow, maybe at the necklines or edging of sleeves, wouldn't that be beautiful!? sorry, but my photography does not do it justice, it came out either washed out or too dark, but it sparkles ever so magically in the light!


Mishmash ! said...

I loved the last one:)

She'sSewPretty said...

Those pieces of sari are wonderful. Have you ever thought of embellishing purses with them? The would make beautiful trim on caftans too!

cinderelly said...

shn ~ i wished i could have seen the whole thing! wouldn't it have been beautiful!?

betty ~ there is quite a lot of it...i know i will have small sections, so maybe i will have to make a bag with some! i am going to make a little bag for my zills with a bit of it.

amanda button said...

goooooooooooorgeous!!!! Silk Road goodies are divine!

I know i already told you, but i have to say again how JEALOUS i am that you live near so much bellydance coolness. I can't wait to hear about the hafla....i am so in love with InFusion, it would amazing to see them perform! WOW!

Deb L said...

What fabulous finds! I love the jangly jewelry (we just do NOT have such things in staid old Boston - lol!) and those sari edgings are to die for... hope all is going well with you :) Deb