Wednesday, November 14, 2007

lately, it seems like everything i have been doing is bellydance related. is that obsession? i have been sewing bellydance things, taking class, and now, i have joined a troupe. did i forget to mention that? i did! when i started to learn this, i would have never thought i would ever dance in public, it was going to just be something fun for me. well, it is still fun, and if you have known me for very long you know how much i love the movie "armageddon". well, this is where a quote from the movie is perfect for how i feel about the thought of our first public performance:

"i got that 'excited/scared' feeling. like 98% excited, 2% scared. or maybe it's more. it could be, it could be 98% scared, 2% excited , but that's what makes it so intense, it's so - confused. i can't really figure it out"

(owen wilson's character says that just before they are getting ready to be launched into space to blow up the killer asteroid!)

as it turned out, a couple of the girls that are also in the troupe live very close to me, so we have been getting together the morning after troupe nights to practice even more so we can remember the steps better. we have started learning a choreography to a sting song that is really very beautiful, 'desert rose'. at the end of the post, i will put up the video to it that i found on youtube. (sorry for yet another youtube link here! are you sick of them yet?!) if you are interesested, there is another version of the song too, that features the breathtakingly beautiful, aishwarya rai.

anyway, the bag in the top photo has been my dance bag since i started taking lessons. now it is stuffed to capacity always, and i guess it is time to find something else bigger! i am going to keep my eye open for some really cool fabric and make a bigger one i think. i have been sewing a few things for consigning at ottoman trading company in country village, and every so often i still get a call for a bridesmaid dress or wedding gown from the bridal salon in bellevue. but i have lots of cholis like these cut out, and i am trying to finish using up all of this stretch velvet i bought a while back before buying more. (even though i have bought more anyway!) we have some other ideas we are 'cooking up' too...when i get something sewn up i will put photos of those things too.

i also sewed a little bit last month for madina again. she sent some things to paris for a photo shoot and they will be up on the website sometime soon. this is a little cashmere sweater thing we sewed, and there was another little jacket too, that was very cute, but i cannot find the image!

anyway, that is what i have been up to lately. i have not posted a lot...and i had my one year blogging date pass without notice! i'm a bad blogger! it was in september that i had this blog for a year. well, there is always the two year mark!

o.k., as i promised, i will put up the sting 'desrt rose' youtube. i hope you like it too, i really love this song!


rochambeau said...

Love that image of a woman on your bag, and Your cashmere sweater too!! It looks kinda like something I made believe it or not.

Hope all is well in the land of the Belly Dancer!

cinderelly said...

constance ~ thanks, all good so far! days filled with sewing soft, stretchy velvet...what could be better!

Debbie Egizio said...

I LOVE the Cashmere sweater that you made!! The belt is charming.

Anonymous said...

That's one of my favourites (Desert Rose I mean)... hope you can put up a video of yourself performing one day!

- Eric Emin

cinderelly said...

debbie ~thank you!

ee ~ i guess i will have to start with a photo in costume, then 'graduate' to video! ;]