Thursday, November 01, 2007

post-halloween post!?

today is the day to clean the debris of halloween! the kitchen is a disaster after the fun of last night. yes, i left it till the next day! too many cocktails...even at my most sober, i break the dishes! we made pesto pasta with lots of garlic, and garlic bread, and my sister's special salad that everyone loves with balsamic vinegar/garlic dressing and gorgonzola cheese! no vampires in sight last night, that's for sure!

i was trying to leave the post yesterday for the bloglandia event, 'ghouls just wanna have fun', but i was having all kinds of trouble posting...the words went where they wanted, and the pictures wouldn't load, or then just went away after! anyway, i finally got what you see below, and that was it! didn't my daughter look awesome as jessica rabbit!? i was not quite happy with the lily munster makeup, but it looked a bit better in person than it does in the photos. if i do it again, i will not put the white makeup, it looked kinda weird, even though it was how it looked in the photos i got off the internet.

well, i'm off to clear the debris of the festivities...and after, i will finally have time to sew bellydance stuff! no bride dresses at all on the rack! and yards and yards of stretch velvet await! and i have lots of fun projects in mind too! i'll show you when i'm done with some.


Mockingbird Hill said...

Better late than never, right? I am still catching up with the Bloglandia Halloween Party...I gotta get better organized...

Love Jessica long did it take you to do that? The Hub has 3 shirts haning in the closet waiting for me to sew on buttons...he says the've been there 6 months, but I say it's only been 5 1/2.

Thanks for stopping by my party...hope you've gotten everything cleaned up... ;)


cinderelly said...

hi cassie! i just finished the cleanup finally of the last of the halloweeie stuff...i will be finding skulls and spiders around for weeks to come though, even so! jessica rabbit took about three days, but translating into hours only maybe three to five. it's not a real evening dress...more of a fglorified lined tube dress with invisible straps! thanks for peeking in mine too!