Saturday, December 01, 2007

first day of december snow!

we got a little bit of snow today...they were saying it would snow, so i decided to do something that would keep me inside and cozy, so, i did some painting in my kitchen. i have a wall in the living room that i did, and it came out pretty nice, so i thought i would do the same treatment again. it is going to cover a pod of orcas that i painted and never finished, then decided i never would!

anyway, here is our street in the snow at dusk...pretty, i think, but there are some spots on the photo, not snowflakes but maybe water droplets?

and then here is my poor margarita parrot! he doesn't look quite at home in the snowy landscape!

(after posting this, a couple of hours later i noticed it had started to snow again, and went out on the deck to see. i noticed our neighbor had put up his festive christmas lights, and they were lit and looked very pretty. then, i realised, my margarita lights could be turned on, and they would look very festive too! am i 'brilliant' or what!? um, don't answer that!)

i think tonight i will just cozy up on the sofa with a good movie, and open up my bottle of wine my daughter got me for my birthday...isn't it too cute?! monster wine! i am totally saving the label, or the bottle if it doesn't want to come off!

not much else happening here in my little corner of bloglandia. i have a couple of wedding dresses on the rack, and i will take some pictures and post after they are done. i haven't had many that are worth bothering to show you, but i have been totally engrossed in the sewing of cholis, and other stretch velvet fun things, and a caftan or two in the works also.

tomorrow we are supposed to go take troupe photos at the mall with santy claus! how fun is that...santy with belly dancers! i am wondering if the snow will melt enough for my little mustang to make it through, though! i guess the good thing is, if it won't make it out of the driveway, it won't get stuck somewhere in the snow!


tlc illustration said...

It's after 9:30 and still snowing at my house (albeit, lightly). I hear it's warming a bit tomorrow in preparation for the next big windstorm for Monday! yay...

Bemused Boomer said...

Why, it's obvious what those spots on the picture are--UFOs! LOL. I think they look just like some of the pictures the UFO enthusiasts have provided in the past to PROVE the existence of extra terrestrials! :)

It would be fun to see a post from you after drinking the bottle of wine...

Debbie Egizio said...

Where did you get that fun bottle of wine? The label is riot!!

We are covered in snow here too. Feels so holidayish when it snows.

Sandra Evertson said...

That parrot looks so cute up in the tree full of snow!
Sandra Evertson

cinderelly said...

tara ~ my mom said it is supposed to snow saturday!? i hope she is wrong!

susan ~ ha, ha! and i actually HAVE done posts (or attempted to!) after a bottle of wine!

debbie ~ i got it at albertson's! so cute, i saved the bottle!

sandra ~ he is cute! he needs some company though! i have two wrought iron cages out there too, someday i'll find companions for him!