Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a meme

we got a little bit of snow yesterday...wasn't expecting that! my sister said i should look at the weather report sometimes, then i'll know. won't stop it from snowing, so what's the point?! i like a little surprise... sometimes! it's pretty if you don't gotta drive in it, there were people backed up the road behind our house trying to get to work this morning. my daughter even got stuck a block away from the house and a nice lady with some de-icer helped her get out and on her way.
now for the meme... believe it or not, this is the first time that i have been tagged for one of these! gina of gina's tidbits tagged me for this one. it is for "seven random or weird things about me". there are rules, but i guess i will put that at the top:

#1 - i don't like rules! unless they are designed to keep people safe, and you are not hurting anyone, i like to make things up as i go...maybe that's why the instructions in the patterns never make sense!

#2 - i am afraid of spiders and clowns...tooo creepy for me!

#3 - i like to try new foods even if they are a little weird, unless they are insects...insects do not equal food for me! i like trying foods from different countries as well, i love how the flavors are often so very interesting.

#4 - i used to sew hang gliders...it is one of the weirder things i have sewn, but it was a fun job. the only bad thing is it was really hot in the sail loft in the summer, and icy cold in the winter...the heat couldn't be turned on for very long, because it caused condensation in the loft and it 'rained' on the sails! the sewing machines to sew the huge sails were set into holes in the floor. there were stairs to step down into the floor, so when we were sitting at the machines, we all looked like prairie dogs with our heads sticking out or the floor!

#5 - when i was born, i lived on an artichoke ranch in monterey county, california. the little house is long gone, and the fate of it was, it burned to the ground...it was used in a training exercise for the firemen in our county, one of which was my dad! he had a little burned piece of wood from our house, that he kept for a really long time.

#6 - if i watch something happening in a tunnel or close space, on t.v. or a movie, it will give me nightmares for a long time.

#7 - i can fold my tongue backwards into my mouth, and it will stay folded over...it is very weird. also, the first knuckles on my ring fingers don't really bend! kind of like there isn't a joint or something like that...makes it a little hard to type the keys to the sides and the bottom. when i had to take typing classes in school, i always failed all the tests, so i never did finish a typing class.

there are my seven...now i am supposed to tag seven of my peeps, but i am pretty sure most of the bloggers i know have done this more than a couple of times! if you want to do it though, i would love to read about your random and/or weirdnesses, too!


Anonymous said...


Many thanks for doing that!

Unique! I agree with you as well re: rules.....however, it looked to be a fun exercise...and Kris of ladiesofthehouse, tagged me. So I thought I would help her out! I do not like spiders either or SNAKES...the snakes just make me motionless - ugh......and, I can also appreciate what you say about clowns....hmmmm.

Glad you are well! Happy 2008!

God Bless.


rochambeau said...

This is so intriguing to me Cinderelly! I am you sister of # 1 and 3 1!!!
It's all so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oh Funnyyy!! Some of those were sooo funby, your tongue! haa! Oh, and, spiders and clowns? I LOVE them. :) SNOW!! You got snow???????

ButtercupElffly said...

I was taged too just have not got to it yet!!! But I am getting to it!!