Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the new look of the blog here, is what comes of boredom on new year's eve, and several coronas! i also put up a couple new blog links...some fun, delicious food blogs, and a couple of monster movie blogs...had to add that in the b-movie blog heading! there are a few more, but i'm not remembering them all at the moment. (maybe that would be the coronas?!)

i am so ready to get on with the new year, and i am starting it out with a new arrangement in the work room. it is hard to see with the dreary days, and it seems like with every light blazing, it was still not light enough. so, i positioned the 'big bertha' sewing machine right directly under a light source, so maybe that will help! it also opened up an area of the room to practice some of the choreography we have been learning. it is looming up for the time we will do our first performance...i'm hoping tons of practice will help! i already fall asleep with the music in my head!

here are a few photos of some of the things i have been sewing recently. these two cholis are some i made for ottoman trading to put in the store. they are of some textiles that dena brought from turkey. there is a halter style too, but one is at the store already (as is the one above) and the other is not yet stitched together. i will post a photo when it is done, i rather like the halter style! i have some vintage sari fabric that i think i will make up a couple more in as well.

i haven't quite decided if i like the longer sleeves yet. but i only made one of this style, because the sleeves take a bit more material, which i could have used for a whole other choli. i also made a couple of cover-ups too. i made this animal print with rose one from a pattern, and then

i made this lavender one below in the same style i made up for the other cover-ups i made a while back, of some more of the turkish textiles that dena brought from turkey. (see here) they are just too easy to make, no pinning patterns, just slash/serge/sew! it does need a more inspired way to connect the front closed though...i just have a hook and eye there now. and this style also does not have to go over the head, a great thing if you have your hair and makeup already all done!

and here, this last little guy was something i picked up on whidbey island for my daughter's christmas stocking. she likes the harry potter books and movies, so i saw this little white owl in a puppet store they have in langley. it is a little finger puppet, and i got my other daughter a monkey one. it is such a great store! but i cannot remember the name of it! the full sized puppets are really awesome, and i got the babies little bunny puppets for christmas. and i got the little bottle of vodka in MY stocking! yes, it is jimi hendrix vodka! we saw it in the liquor store a couple weeks ago, and my sister bought it for my christmas stocking, since i didn't want to pay 30 bucks for the regular size bottle! it was pretty funny, she has lived here about two years now, and it was the first time she has been in one of the government liquor stores! in california, you can just get vodka and tequila at the grocery store...anytime you want, even on sunday! and yes, as she always says...i AM so easily amused!


Susan from Food Blogga said...

I love the version with the sleeves. It would work for several seasons that way too. Beautiful.

Amanda said...

beautiful cholis!!!
I hope your chorography is coming along and i will be cheering your performance on in spirit! I'm still chugging along with the dance and tryingto get the courage up to make the long drive to a tribal class in the next town over. I've been working with some fun dvds that Santa brought me, and i am more in love with bellydance than ever! :D I still hold you responsible for getting me going, you know! :D

IF you get a chance, email me...i lost all my contact info when my computer died so i am rebuilding from scratch. I don't want to lose track of my favorite peeps so send me your info when you can, ok! :D LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!!
xoxoxo said...

OH!! Looooove your creations!!! Fabric from Turkey, yummy yummm!!! said...
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cinderelly said...

susan ~ thanks! hopefully it will find a good home!

amanda ~ thanks, choreography, costume hair, makeup...aaahhh! need more time! :]

vanessa ~ isn't it interesting fabric!?

Bemused Boomer said...

I can't read your text--the background is so very, um....PINK! The pictures look nice. My Boomer eyes just can't do it!


rochambeau said...

That top above. I love it.
What is it like in the back? it looks SO flattering, at least for my figure type. Did you design the pattern?
Happy weedend!