Friday, January 25, 2008

pretty dresses again!

after a long rest, finally the dresses are trickling in for alteration again. this one i just finished for a wedding in february, is a jenny packham gown. it needed taking in and beadwork sparkles so, and the photos just don't show that sparkly!
some of the dresses at the shop are displayed in the front windows, and there they seem to just glow in the sunshine with the beadwork!
well, here is one of my new projects...i have been stubbornly trying to teach myself to knit for years now. here is one in progress...this is the way it's going to look.
i have one side done...i have become totally nuts about these little glovie/mitt things! i sewed a pair out of an old pink felted angora sweater, i bought some lace ones with a cute skull and crossbones that have little chains that hang down and tickle the back of my hand, and i have some that i picked up at the mountain hafla we went to this past weekend that are black glittery mesh. they are so cute, and the little lace and mesh ones are for bellydance, they kind of accentuate your hand movements nicely!

but the knitted ones, i actually have a pattern for these that i printed off the knitty site, but it had ribbing in it, and i took that out, 'cause i kept losing my spot! (i just can't count properly!) and it was supposed to be done on circular needles, and i didn't really figure THAT out either, so i just made a rectangle and sewed the sides together. so i guess basically, there was no pattern involved! i just don't do direction well! but they are so warm, and it has been quite cold recently...they are saying we might get more snow in the next couple of days. i wouldn't be surprised, we have a tiny skating rink in the bird bath again, and the front sidewalk has a frozen river of ice in it that hasn't thawed in days. i can drive my car on it and it does not crunch!


Bemused Boomer said...

Great little gloves, Cinderelly! They would work well for dogwalking, too.

Your bird bath ice rink is a tiny sample of what my husband's work parking lot is like. Water trickles down the hill from the road above and freezes on the asphalt. When he went to find his truck after work, it was five feet away from where he left it. The same thing happened to two of his friends. They think the ice was moving as it grew during the day, like a glacier.

It's a good thing birds don't stand around in your birdbath, or they might slide off your little glacier!

eatme_delicious said...

I love those gloves! I have been wanting ones like that forever.