Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i know the oscars was last weekend, but i ususally like watching it, in part for the dresses, but also because i really like movies. this year i was really disappointed, the movies were all ones we didn't see, and probably won't even if they did get oscars! and the dresses were not too great either, but i must admit i did not watch the red carpet part this year, and we barely watched half of the show. this photo is from the year that clint eastwood was up for an oscar for, i believe it was, "mystic river". about a week or so before oscars that year, who should come into the madina vadache shop but allison eastwood, looking for a dress to wear, to accompany her father to the oscars ceremony! she ended up wearing this one on loan from madina, and we all watched to get a glimpse of her wearing this dress.... i sewed the beadwork on it! of course, we never saw more than a tiny spot of color next to clint in the audience, but it was rather exciting to watch in any case!

these past couple of weeks, i have been trying to keep up with work, and troupe practice, and costumes...all while battling a bit of a lingering cold. i have had a bunch of dental appointments this week too, as we get to proceed on my teef! only three more weeks, and i can get my front teeth implanted finally, and enjoy my food again! last night my cold seemed to weirdly get worse, and this morning i felt positively awful. and this morning i also had my appointment to get the implant prepared for the teeth to be attached...there was no way i was going to cancel! i doped myself up on cold and pain meds, and got it done, without coughing in the doc's face! who knew keeping teeth would be such a process...or so expensive! i think i have the equivalent of a really nice car in my mouth!

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Anonymous said...

I thought the dresses were lousy this year.

- Eric Emin