Wednesday, February 13, 2008

there are only three weeks until our first performance now! we have been practicing as a troupe very much, and we are doing pretty well, i think. we only occasionally go left instead of right, and do that, "what comes next????" thing only sometimes. we have one more choreography to get down...we only just learned the very last one, that is to come at the end of the first two. there will be the song by sting, 'desert rose', then a drum solo, and then there will be the theme to the series, 'i dream of jeannie'! remember that one?!

the photo is my new costume part that was in progress. i finally finished it, but my camera batteries are done, so i will take a photo of it later. we have a dress rehearsal coming up, so maybe i will just take a photo then! so, this makes my costume pretty much completed, i just have to decide the jewelry, (i have a ton to choose from...i think i need a 12-step program for THAT as well!) and then what to do with my hair! (it pretty much has a mind of it's own!) but for valentine's day, my hubby got me a gift certificate to a nice salon, so i can have my hair cut and done! but, that was to go with the box of chocolate, the flowers and the giant mylar balloon...i feel sooo special!

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She'sSewPretty said...

Cindy, you will have to show your costume on you. It looks like it will be beautiful! Your dancing sounds like so much fun!