Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i have been working on bridal stuff again finally. i have a dress here like this one, except in white. this is a madina vadache dress from about three years ago, i think. i actually sewed both dresses, i really like this one, sort of a victorian style. this one was the first sample dress, sewed for the collection at the time. it is hard to see here, but it is kind of an irridecent fabric, pink but in some light has a little bit of lavender-y sheen! after we put it in the shop, it was decided that there should be one in white. so we made two more, one with swarovski crystals sewn on the trim, and one without the crystals. but the one i have here right now, doesn't look at all like this right now...it is in many pieces down in the sewing room! i'm not looking forward to going down there today! i had to detach the entire top from the skirt and the bustle parts from the back. the bride is a tiny lady, so i am having to shorten the whole thing considerably, and take it in quite a lot in the top and back as well...i think they should have just had a new dress made. when i finish the alteration, i will photograph it so we can see how it came out...hopefully in proportion still! it took about three whole days to sew this dress...i think it is going to take that long to alter it! (hopefully not!)

if you were to go to the madina vadache web site, she finally has her ready to wear things on there. i only sewed two of the items in it, but only one, a bell-sleeved jacket, is on the website now.

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