Saturday, April 05, 2008

we are back from a trip south in an attempt to find sun and warmth...a refuge from the cold rainy, and only days before we left, snowy weather in our area. so where did we choose? sunny san diego!

we stayed at the hard rock hotel in the gaslamp area. it was a pretty cool hotel, with lots of memorabilia and pictures of famous rock artists. here's me with the beatles!

we rode the red trolleys all over, and even went down to tijuana, mexico. but the highlight in the week was the place we found for breakfast. we went to this place three times in the five days we were there, cafe 222. i had the peanut butter and banana french was wonderful, and the website has the recipe and even a video how to make it...yum! and i had a really thick, soft, spicy, delicious pumpkin waffle the nest time we went. they had some really cute chandeliers made of cups, saucers and teaspoons. (you can get those on the website, too.) the people there were really nice, and you could sit at the counter and watch the cook make the food...i like that! they had these fantastic potatoes that came on the side of most of the egg dishes, and they were always there on the grill cooking the whole time. they were so delicious, with onion, and green peppers, and garlic...the onions and peppers were sort of caramelized from the grill...mmm!

we also went to a place called kansas city barbeque, that was where some of the scenes from the movie "top gun" were filmed. it is one of my favorite movies, so i really wanted to go there after i saw the ad in a publication. unfortunately, i think our trip last year to memphis has totally ruined any chance at enjoyment of barbeque! everything barbeque pales in comparison to memphis barbeque! (looking back there makes me hungry!) kansas city barbeque was just o.k. for barbeque, but they were interesting. it doesn't look anything like the movie though. (i had just watched it less than a week before...that was weird, 'cause i didn't know about the place then!)

we didn't really find the warm sunshine we were hoping for, but it was still fun to go away somewhere. the only bad thing about going away though, is coming back to real life...and work! but i like coming home to my own matter how soft the one is in the hotel, home is always best!


Bemused Boomer said...

So THAT's who was the fifth Beatle! You kept your secret so well, I had no idea. And now you're back in deep cover, playing with sharp things in your downstairs bat cave. Love the pix of San Diego. I lived there for 10 years, a long time ago. I'm glad you had fun in the sun, my fellow former Californian!

She'sSewPretty said...

You should have stopped here. We've had plenty of sunshine. I'll bet I could have even found a great bbq place to try.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed SD. It is beautiful, isn't it? We just love it here.

ambika said...

Ha! Gotta love that Abbey Road photo set up!