Friday, May 30, 2008

i get to go see stevie! he came here last year, and my daughter and i looked at the ticket prices and decided they were a little too pricey for us...but then we wished we would have anyway! so this time, we did it, and they were way less than they would have been last time he was here. it's going to be great!


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting on the bunnies!!! Have a great time at your should be very good!!!!!!!! I took my girls to see the Cher farewell concert and it was pretty pricey but we are so glad we went!
Amy said...

I just looove him!!! Can't wait for details!!! xoxo

rochambeau said...

You're a lucky person Cindy!
Stevie's music gets to me deep inside.

Hope you and your daughter enjoyed much!