Sunday, May 25, 2008

it's not a jungle, it's my backyard!

it is such a lovely day today, and everything in my yard is so overgrown! i SHOULD go out and pull weeds and plant flower seeds, but i don't wanna work on a bee-yoo-ti-fool day! my herbs are getting tall and lovely, and when i weed in the herb garden, it smells just wonderful.and on the inside of the house, the inspiration of lovely things inside makes me want to sew something pretty! i love this color... this is a project in progress also. i am still totally hung up on the peacocks thing. i love them! i don't think it's going to go away for a while. the greens and blues of the peacock colors are starting to encroach on my wardrobe of primarily pinks! not a bad thing though, no?!


tlc illustration said...

It's been gorgeous this weekend, hasn't it? I *did* spend a number of hours trying to tame my back yard yesterday (boy, my back sure feels it today!). Perfectly wonderful though.

cinderelly said...

wasn't it great?! me too, i worked in the 'jungle'. i am a little sore too!

rochambeau said...

The only thing as pretty as a beautiful blue sky day would be peacock feathers, fabrics and beads, the things that make EVERYDAY filled with color and texture!

Jewels said...

Mmmmmmmm, love peacock feathers. I managed to make about 6 pairs of peacock feather earrings before I could keep a pair for myself. EVERYONE wanted them... LOL!

I can never get over just how many colors are in them.