Sunday, May 11, 2008

mother's day

happy mother's day all! we had a fun day...i hope all of you did too, with a relaxing no stress, some-one-else-did-all-the-work-for-you, relaxing day. we had a rather chaotic day, with all the family over and my mom, and we made shish kebobs (way too many!) with my son as the grillmaster, and lots of stuff to go with, and then desserts. then, everyone left...and me alone with the mess! how did that happen...again?

but, me and my daughter are going to go see one of my instructors dance tonight at an indian restaurant that has fabulous food. (i am so stuffed still, i can't even think of food again!) this photo is not of her, but it is a very lovely photo i found somewhere a while ago.

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Bemused Boomer said...

The key to NOT winding up with the mess on Mother's Day is to have it at one of your kids' houses! That's OK; you're a smart woman--you'll figure it out in another decade or two! Shish kebobs sound fabulous. I like the nice picture, too.