Thursday, May 01, 2008

sorry i have been quite the lazy blogger lately. between sewing the alterations, (the rack is nearly full) and belly dance costumes (for myself and for ottoman trading company) and practice for troupe, i kind of let the blog languish. not really sure anyone reads much anyway...a few die-hard people that love me, you know who you are, and i love you back!

anyway, i haven't had a camera for a while to take photos, and that is usually how i decide what to write here... from a photo i have taken specifically to write something about! i use my daughter's camera, and i don't want to ask her "can you give me back your camera?". just thought i would write a few lines and post a couple old shots of the kitties (so cute) so you know i'm still around. most of the bride's dresses i am working on are, ones you have seen already anyway.
as for the costume stuff, i hope to take some shots at the store (ottoman trading company) soon, and post them on a website for her. in the shop, dena puts the costumes together on 'dollies' (hanging mannikins, but we call them dollies!) for display on the walls, and they look pretty cool. skirts and tops, all together with jewelry and belts...a total costume, like for a performance. i really love how they look... she picks things out, and puts them together quite fabulously! this green costume is my manny, 'zoe', here at home... i did this one, but you get the idea what i mean from it.

speaking of performance, our last one that i was talking about in the previous posts, while not completely terrible, was not our best yet. i was a psycho though! all over the place, and arms not straight where they should be, and too straight when they should not. anyway, a lot of it was nerves...we are just not over our stage fright. so i decided i need to get in front of people more, so i am doing a solo this weekend, my first. i decided it will be very scary, but after that, when we do it together as a troupe, it won't be soooo scary! that's the 'cinderelly theory' anyway. i did try to put some pink streaks in my hair yesterday, and when i get my makeup and costume all on this weekend, i'll have my daughter take some photos.


Bemused Boomer said...

You are amazing! Pink streaks? Solo performance? You've gone from terror to determination in practically no time. Kudos, my friend!

As far as people reading your blog, I have found there are a lot of people who like to read blogs but don't leave comments. I suspect some of your readers may fall in that category. Don't ever be discouraged--the act of creating is what is good for you!

cinderelly said...

thank you for the enouragement! trying to get rid of the terror and build some kind of 'stage presence', but true, i am determined here! lol!

rochambeau said...

Dear Cinderelly,
You may have been nervous, BUT YOU DID IT! That is what makes dreams come true!!
Are you going to get a new camera?